joanne riley

Rent Live Cast

I was just wondering, what are people’s dream casts for Rent on FOX? I really don’t want them to ruin it, and I was thinking about mine. Personally I think Amber Riley would be a really good Joanne, because she’s finishing Dreamgirls in a few months, and she has such a strong voice. Also, she won Dancing With The Stars (she’d be good in Tango:Maureen) and she was in The Wiz Live a few years ago, so has experience in this sort of thing. I’m not sure about Maureen. I thought maybe Lea Michele but that’s only because she’s like a younger Idina. That being said, she has proven she can play eccentric characters with Scream Queens, and her and Amber have already sung Take Me Or Leave Me together amazingly. I’m sticking with a Glee theme here, but I think Naya Rivera would be a really good Mimi. She just has that cool voice that would work well with the role. I think Darren Criss would be a good Mark (but maybe that’s because I think he’s cute in glasses). As for Roger, I’m not too sure. Maybe Aaron Tveit because those two sing well together, so What You Own would be great. Maybe Todrick Hall would be a good choice for Angel? Elijah Kelley would definitely be capable of singing the I’ll Cover You reprise, but also Jesse L Martin hasn’t aged since 1996 so I would be happy with him reprising his role as Collins. And as for Benny, I think we can all agree that Leslie Odom Jr would be perfect for the role, mainly because of the similarities between him and Burr. So, what does everyone else think?