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I was surprised that Harcourt is Editor K's favorite, and to the editorial dept. and the assistants, where did you get this? He's also one of my fav characters in the series and never thought he would be that popular, especially since I thought he's just a oneshot character in the Weston arc :D

From Yana’s blog and editor K’s twitter, of course! xD

[…] Actually, (Harcourt) was supposed to appear only in that one scene, but because editor K and my assistants kept telling me that he’s cute all the time, he has become a regular character in the boarding school arc.


[…] This is Harcourt […] who is extremely popular among the gentlemen in the GFantasy editorial department.

[…] My personal favourite character Harcourt-kun made a TV debut!!!


Editor K once even tried to get Harcourt on the cover of comicbook vol.16 xD

My last and biggest mission this year is to get Harcourt (a student from the boarding school arc) on the cover of the new Kuroshitsuji comicbook which is going to be released next year. It probably won’t happen, though.

Attention Black Butler Fandom!!!

Spoilers with a theory!!!!

In the most recent chapter of Kuroshitsuji, Agni died protecting Prince Soma from an assassin. Soma was targeted because he helped Ciel and Sebastian bring down the Blue Cult. If Soma was targeted for that reason, how soon will Edward, Cheslock, Joanne, and Clayton have assassins at their door? THOSE GUYS ARE IN TROUBLE!! Well, three of them. Edward and the Midfords can fend for themselves


miscellaneous weston school headcannons
  • this school may seem pristine and perfect on the outside, but boy, it’s a mess on the inside
  • half the time the students don’t even know where they’re supposed to be
  • the most infamous of them being from Edward Midford, who, halfway through latin class got up and brokenly whispered: “this is not maths”
  • people sleep everywhere
  • it’s gotten to the point where no one really speaks louder than they do in the library, because usually someone is around and asleep
  • mcmillian once climbed up a three meter high tree and slept there because people were “too loud” in his room
  • “God damnnit Joanne get down from the windowsill you’re gonna get sick - how did you even get up there it’s like four meters up–will somEonE wAke hIm uP? GET ME A FUCKING LADDER!”- Maurice
  • Maurice and Joanne are in a love- hate relationship
  • Like they “pretend”to hate eachother but people have found them studying together, reading from the same book, looking out for eachother and on one rare occasion, even sleeping on the benches/tables in the common room
  • They both deny it
  • finaly s week is another hell
  • if gregory didn’t already have eyecircles, he now has racoon eyes. Literally
  • “Dude your eye make up is on fleek. teach me”- Cheslock
  • “what” “oh nvm”
  • people sleep during class and the teachers don’t mind anymore
  • random screaming is heard, mostly with someone responding “I KNOW SHUT THE FUCK UP I’M TRYING TO STUDY!”
  • Joanne started screaming in the cafeteria, no one minded
  • herman joined
  • burnouts are also a regualar occurence
  • sources say lawrence once recited his latin phrases to a squirrel
  • joanne: “I’m going to be a stripper fml”
    Cheslock: “that’s the dirtiest thing you’ve said so far, I’m proud of you”
  • Maurice, after the last final, picked up a chair and screamed in joy
  • A party was held after finals week, even the young ones got wasted (On soda and caffeine, not on alc)
  • green house hosts sports contests, espeacially ones where you have to form teams: So far its: -edward and herman(BUT THAT’S UNFAIR!-Cheslock. “Aight you change with herman” (Edward and cheslock are close friends now))
    -joanne and maurice
    -gregory and herman (Were you always this light, greg? Yes shut up)(Gregory only begrudgingly agreed to this)
    -lawrence and clayton
    -edgar and mcmillian
  • the teatre group rehearses in the cafeteria like no ones buisness
  • most of the students now know ‘a midsummer nights dream’ by heart now
  • edgar approached joanne while he was reading, got hissed at, before joanne screamed in embaressment( edgar thought it was funny, no hard feelings there)
  • mcmillian writes everyone really detailed valentines cards
  • edward and cheslock can d a  n  c e– they can move thier bodies, it’s unreal >Joanne can sing so high it’s kinda creepy
  • cheslock consoles people very well, so he knows everything about everyone, but won’t use it as blackmail, he’s not sunken that low, his momma raised him well
  • edgar and herman give the best hugs
  • Everyone else is trying to get them to hug eachother
  • Gregory, Cheslock, Maurice, Mcmillian and, surprisingly, Joanne are the cryptid team
  • They go into abandoned buildingy together and look  for cryptids and ghosts
  • ghosts they’ve found
  • a lot of them
  • in this school, there’s not really that much rivalry, no harmful one anyway
  • Everyone just does their thing, as long as they stay in their lane, no one minds
  • s l e e p o v e r s  a n d g o s s i p
  • at the end of a school year, everyones crying in eachothers arms

this new arc is making me questioning so many things.

and this is how I’m envisioning it all.

original memes found on google.

Right after the f5 somehow make it back to the townhouse without getting killed, they show us they are still a bit green and fall ooc so easily….

Soma is his joyful self. So Soma!

Joanne is nervous AF. The poor babe!

Edward is uncomfortable being the bad boy. The goody-two-shoe good guy….

Cheslock both praises and teases Edward for acting so, well… not himself…. House wars continue.

Clayton raises his freakin hand to request his glasses back. How did he even pull off the act he was representing on stage? The stiff….


Let’s make a list of the emotional baggage the Weston fags have
  • The older boys they looked up to, aspired to be like, and looked forward to succeeding one day, were murderers.
  • Said older boys murdered one of their peers because said peer was corrupt, and he damaged their worldview.
  • Said older boys also murdered a few other boys and their vice principal for the same reasons.
  • They dutifully served these older boys ignorant of the fact that they were murderers.
  • Said older boys, and the whole school really, were practically raising them to become people who could murder in defence of tradition
  • Their headmaster was actually a crazy old man who raised the dead, presumably for the hell of it.
  • One undead former pupil bit a chunk out of Greenhill, and would have eaten them all if not for Sebastian, Ciel, and a quick getaway door.
  • Did I mention their mentors were murderers?
  • They were told to shut up about the whole of the above and live with a lie and everything is swept under the rug.
  • They have to carry the burden of prefecthood as well as the burden of silence simultaneously.
  • They can’t talk to anybody about everything they experienced, their trauma, betrayal, fear, or anxieties. 
  • They have to carry on as if nothing happened.
Living Shield


Grace was a descendant of Joanne of Arc. For centuries the women of her family had been devoted to Archangel Michael and she was no different. He’d been there the day she was born, watching over her and bless her. He had sworn to protect her family and in return hey obeyed him and helped him whenever they could. Many of her family members had given their lives in hat service.

Grace was 21 years old and there was a war brewing between Heaven and Hell that she knew nothing of. She was the only child this generation and that worried Michael. As such he had been very active in protecting her so that some day she may have more children and continue the line.

She was leaving her college class one day when she noticed a man approach her. She didn’t see the second man coming up behind her.

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Ciel saved one kid is the Weston arc, Joanne? and put himself in direct danger. It's kinda safe to say that even though Ciel is kinda mean allot of the time, he probably doesn't agree with somone dying if he can help it. He actually seems recluctant to let people he knows die, he didn't want to kill Madam Red, saved Lizzie and Joanne and even Wolfram, even if he had some secret motive behind it.

Hey Anon :) And excellent point! :D 

You’re right, these are very good examples of how Ciel can act mean sometimes but deep inside he’s more selfless than most. :) 

Joanne is actually one of my favorite examples with Finny’s because…

…UT even commented on it and I always thought it was a very important scene when UT knew very well Vincent and Claudia (that seems like an important parallel to deny, without mentioning the fact that it’s a possible proof for me that he enjoys Ciel as yet another Phantomhive and not as a vessel to bring back other people). Besides, it’s good to see that apparently he inherited something from his mother, hahaha! (just kidding ;))

Thank you for also pointing out the Wolfram scene because Ciel certainly didn’t have to save a guy who strangled him and tried to shoot him but he still did anyway, and all he needed was Sieglinde as the insurance not Wolfram, even if he tried to justify it like that to Sebastian. 

TL;DR I will forever disagree with people saying that Ciel is selfish and a bad person, because there is way more to his character and a lot of evidence to prove it!

Thank you for your thoughts Anon and have a nice weekend! :D


I think Joanne is… Um… Overwhelmed by Sebastian? Geesh, he might actually have a crush on the demon dork….

Maybe it’s just the translation, but “I’ve longed to see you again all this time”? Ohhh, you poor babe. I think you might really have it bad. You are practically fangirling right here.

“For you… I’ll do anything!”…. Oh, dear. Be careful what you promise, Joanne.

Well, this confirms what we figured drew Joanne to the F5: Sebastian’s kind treatment of Joanne when he was at his lowest at Weston.

(Sebastian, this child deserves protection. Don’t you DARE get this precious boy killed.)