You can have a broken heart, a heart of gold, a heart of stone, a beating heart, a bleeding heart, a heart of steel, the heart of a lion or a wild heart, but at the end of the day, after the fight, after the pain, our hearts still beat at the same rate.



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Video: First Look at ‘Downton Abbey The Exhibition’ World Premiere in Singapore June 17, 2017

Several cast members are slated to attend a red-carpet event at MBS on June 21: Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith; Jim Carter (Carson); Phyllis Logan (Mrs Hughes); Kevin Doyle (Molesley); Sophie McShera (Daisy); and Michael Fox (Andy).  - Straits Times June 3


I thought Anna might have come down for her dinner


  • Thomas: I wasn’t that drunk last night.
  • Anna: You were flirting with Jimmy last night.
  • Thomas: So? He’s my boyfriend.
  • Anna: You asked him if he was single.
  • Anna: And cried when he said he wasn’t.
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The Weddings of Downton Abbey hosted by Hugh Bonneville  

Love is in the air as PBS gathers a bridal bouquet of the greatest weddings from six seasons of “Downton Abbey.” The romantic relationships at Downton riveted viewers as they followed the twists and turns of some of the most beloved — and dramatic — courtships in television history. 

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