I’m so obsessed with my ‘Reflections’ series at the moment and I’m super pleased with this picture that I took last week and edited up yesterday. 

I find great aesthetic pleasure in reflections and mirror images (some in the series just one reflection, as above, but some are quarters and sixths and I’m looking into Kaleidoscope effects too) but the problem can be that the subject gets lost. The feeling I’m trying to capture is something similar to the sublime; a moment (often in nature, but I would posit also in emotion) which overwhelms you to the point of singular momentary being, ie no past no future, only awareness of that point in time. 

Here’s another picture from that shoot because I just want to say a few words about it. I first worked with Sancha on my Clothes With Conscience project ( and called her up a few months later when I needed a model again. She’s an absolute star to work with. Incredibly beautiful while incredibly down to earth. We just shot down by London Bridge, it was a sunny day and although we went early it was already packed with tourists. The kind of day that makes me love my job!

I have very mixed feelings towards editing- I’m certainly not a purist who believes that computer editing is an aberration (because it isn’t, it’s can be an art just as photography can be), but I do always try to take the photo as I want it. This is because photography is my skill and editing something I’m still learning. Usually I do my best to take the picture as I want it- occasionally I’ll adjust the brightness a little, or up the shadows to create depth in a black-and-white photo, or remove that passerby who wandered into frame while I was looking at my model… but occasionally I’ll take a picture and when I get home I’ll look at it and have an idea. That’s what happened with this one. Way more heavily edited than I usually prefer, but I think I like the final product- thoughts people?