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omg do u have any music suggestions ? ? ?

bootsy collins …. the 5th dimension…. ravi shankar…. joanna newsom… los terricolas…. cibo matto … ween… check them out if you want! theyre what ive been listening to lately.

my favorite grindr meeting was the time a guy who was like 20 invited me over to his house and i got there and he messaged me “i’m showering but the door is open so just come in” so i did and i sat down on a sofa in his living room and joanna newsom was playing lightly over the speakers and there were a lot of potted orchids everywhere and there was a large bronze male nude in the dining room that i could see from where i was sitting in the living room. eventually he came downstairs and sat at the other end of the sofa from me and started eating a large tupperware container of watermelon and he was like “listen, i’m trying to get this thing off the ground, like, some new gay slang. ive started saying ‘imagine’ whenever something is really weird or funny. do you think you could start using it?” and i was like “……ok” and eventually he finished his watermelon and wordlessly offered the container of watermelon juice to me and i was like “no thanks” and he was like “sorry, thought you seemed like the type of guy to drink the juice after you finished the watermelon” and then he said he had to go to a miz cracker show and asked me to leave. we did not fuck.


this is so fucking funny to me. i can just imagine joanna writing something as beautiful as, “the nullifying, defeating, negating, repeating, joy of life” and then immediately knocking over the chair next to her in a surge of happiness