joanna x julian

X-FORCE cover

a mix of veteran (psylocke, forge, domino) and some of my favorite “wildcards” (magik, hellion and frenzy)I’ve been watching a lot of those Mission Impossible movies lately and I feel this X-Force could have all the talents and ressources to take on all kind of crazy deadly assignments.Forge of course would provide the techs and gadget, Psylocke the masterplans and the stealth/interrogation role, Domino would be the “point woman”, Frenzy the bruiser, Magik the transport and intimidation, and Hellion would be the suave hotshot that puts everyone else at risk.

lots of things I wish I had done differently (or simply better) but I think is result is relatively okay and it was fun to do anyway.

the color flats
the inks
the pencils
the rough
the characters design