joanna dukes


Roy walks up the front path, then pauses. Angus is practicing the piano, the rollicking sounds of The Entertainer bouncing through the open window of the sitting room. What Angus lacks in technique he makes up for in enthusiasm, and it’s infectious. Before bounding up the steps Roy takes a second to look around at their gardener Cyril’s carefully tended flowerbeds, noticing at least three or four different types of flowers- usually he regards the garden as nothing much more than a fragrant green blur. Roy makes a mental note to ask Sonia how much Cyril is getting paid. Whatever they’re giving him, Roy is sure he deserves a substantial bonus. His rosebushes or whatever are the shit.
The whole family looks like they have been enjoying  listening to Angus playing the piano, even Rogue, whose normal reaction to music is to start howling. Sonia looks surprised to see him home so early, but not unpleasantly so. Roy looks approvingly at her dress, and the agreeable way the material strains across her bust.
Sonia: I thought you were going to be late home tonight? Didn’t you say you were going to visit your mother?
Roy: Yeah, I did. But when I got there she refused to see me, so that was that. I just came home. Not much else I could do.
Crystal doesn’t work Monday nights.
Sonia: Oh, Roy! That’s terrible.
Roy: Not really. I had a brief chat to one of the staff and she said Bunty’s feeling angry and betrayed at the moment but she’ll soon get over it. It’s all part of the process. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it, anyway.
He scoops up Joanna and waltzes her around the room. Then Alexandra begs for a turn.
Roy: Can I interest my lovely wife in a twirl around the dancefloor?
Sonia is obliging, and even lets him clasp her tight to his chest, her breasts pressed plump and warm against his shirt. It’s probably only because his story about Bunty has made her feel sorry for him, but Roy doesn’t care. He sighs contentedly as he forces himself to raise his eyes from her cleavage.
Roy: Hey, guess what? I spoke to Chantal Carbone this morning and invited her and Freddie and the kids to our barbecue on Saturday. Chantal said they’d be thrilled to come.
Sonia: I thought the barbecue was cancelled? Didn’t you tell me Joël wasn’t able to make it?
Roy: Oh, Joël and Anita and Jared will definitely be coming. I guarantee it.
Sonia: So you spoke to Joël today?
Roy: Nope.
Sonia: Roy, you’re talking in riddles! How do you know Joël’s coming?
Roy: Because I’m the man, honey. That’s how.


I was tagged by @communicants to do the nine favourite films in 2016 (thank you!) so here are nine of my favourites in no particular order (I didn’t include any Bergman or Ozu because you all already know I like those guys, right?):

  • The Lobster | Yorgos Lanthimos | 2015
  • Women in Love | Ken Russell | 1969
  • The Terrorizers | Edward Yang | 1986
  • The Spirit of the Beehive | Víctor Erice | 1973
  • Duelle (une quarantaine) | Jacques Rivette | 1976
  • Certain Women | Kelly Reichardt | 2016
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders | Jaromil Jires | 1970
  • Exhibition | Joanna Hogg | 2013
  • The Duke of Burgundy | Peter Strickland | 2014

I’ll be doing my usual top twenty new-to-me and re-watched posts on the last day of 2016, so this is a kind of teaser. I have five more days off before the end of the year so more films will be watched and things may change - for example I only just watched The Terrorozers this morning and it’s gone straight into my faves, and I’m probably going to see that Rogue One before Christmas so…

…anyway I’m pretty randomly tagging @forgottencityiram, @crumbargento, @schwanensee, @sonimage1965, @oldfilmsflicker & @nino-rota to do this (but only if you want to, no pressure) and of course anyone who wants to just do it.