god so i’m reworking the first chapter of this fic a little and

“I’m the woman shape over here.”

A willowy silhouette bent down behind the screen, and fastened its shoe before it stood and hiked up its shoulder straps. Daud crept over to the painted panels and slid the end aside - and found a woman in a black silk bustle and drawers that matched the flowers and walls, all limbs and dark brown hair piled into a twist behind her head.

“There you are.” Joanna wiggled her garter up her thigh. “I was starting to worry you didn’t know what one looked like.”

“I… um.” Daud cleared his throat. A small chest. Thin ankles in button-up boots. “Hmmh.”

Joanna shushed him with a finger on his mouth. “Don’t hurt yourself.”

If you haven’t heard it lately, let me remind you. I’m so proud of you. You have come so far from where you began. Not only will you be okay, you will be the best you have ever been. Let each day be better than the last. Let each week, month, and year be an improvement in itself. Yes, step backs occur. However, at the end of most days you are much farther than you though possible. Don’t let your own self hold yourself back from becoming the best that you can be.