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Name: Jo
Gender: do I have one
Height: 5′4″ yes I am smol
Where I live: Terra Memarum
eight or nine in the morning (I can’t check rn because reasons), and 4th of August

Average amount of sleep: it used to be a healthy range of 6-7 but now it’s like 3-5, help me

Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: Jupiter Ascending. It was weird but M ILA KUNIS
Favorite band: Oh I don’t really listen to bands bc I don’t really know music, but if I had to choose the Beatles
Favorite movie soundtrack: Does musicals count? If so, Les Mis. If not, I’d go with Gladiator soundtracks by Hans Zimmer.
One thing that ticks me off: … idk heights, I’m acrophobic as hell
Favorite drink: water. My friends like to call me a hydrophile,
Meaning of my url: Memelaus, not Menelaus. Credit to patbroklos.
Most used phrases: “because reasons”. I have evolved into a myriad of reasons after I met tumblr.

Take it one step at a time. Push yourself in the right direction. Set small goals that lead into much larger goals. One day you’ll be much more than okay. You’ll be happy and proud of who you’ve become.
—  Things that I wish that I would’ve know years ago