joanlock au


Elementary AU: Victorian 

Ao3  |

When a shipping magnate dies of a Chinese poison, London’s most famous detective Sherlock Holmes teams up with Joan Watson, the daughter of a Chinese diplomat, to solve the case.  Discovering the perfect partnership Joan moves into 221B Baker Street to join Sherlock in his work permanently, causing a nation wide scandal.  Battling crime lords, racism, and each other’s passions these detectives may just change the course of history. 

I want an Au fanfic where there’s actually a curse in the series of sherlock holmes…. that whoever does an adaptation of Sherlock and didn’t make the Holmes and Watson character end up together in the show then the actors portraying them will end up together in real life.

Sherlock rapidly made his way down the stairs, marched determinedly to where Joan stood preparing lunch, and stared at her until she looked up.

“Do you love me?” His tone was accusatory and brisk.

Joan squinted in confusion at his question, “What?”

He shifted in an agitated manner from foot to foot. “It’s a simple question Watson. Do you love me? Yes or no?” His head jutted forwards, his stance spoke of anger and she could not reconcile his demeanor with his question.

She put down the knife, “Well, not at the moment, I don’t.” Joan’s hand moved to her waist as she surveyed him. “What’s this about?”

Sherlock impatiently turned on his heel and paced away from her. “Both members of my so called "immediate family” have stated that you are the person I care about most in the world. If my addlepated brother and Cthulhu of a father can see so easily through me, well … I … I… “ he started to lose steam and became aware of the embarrassing nature of the subject he had opened.

Joan took pity on him. "Sherlock!” Her tone caused him to whip around and face her. The man looked scared. She picked up the plates and took them to the table, “Here. Sit down and eat your lunch.”

Relieved, Sherlock moved to the cabinets and brought down two glasses setting them on the table. Joan came behind him with the water pitcher and filled them. They sat and ate in silence for a few moments.

Joan side-eyed him and pressing her lips together into a smile, shook her head at him. Their eyes held for a moment. That was all he needed. He returned the thin lipped smile and turned his attention to the plate before him.