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#Throwback to when Delta Work, Pandora Boxx, Willam, and Shangela became the Golden Girls!

It’s been 25 years since Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia bid farewell to audiences – but the girls have always remained iconic and beloved through all of these years. So grab some cheesecake to honor the fab four, and tune in to Logo today for a Golden Girls “25 Years Since the Finale” marathon! #ThankYouForBeingaFriend 👯 

Photo Credit: Brittany Travis

[200 Followers: Giveaway!]

[Holy crap, where did y’all come from?   *waves enthusiastically*

In gratitude to my followers, I’m doing a small giveaway:  any single item in the Mog Station worth $10 or less that can be gifted.


  • Followers only!  New followers always welcome.
  • Must be a FFXIV blog!   I don’t want to give something away to someone who won’t make use of it.
  • Reblog to enter!    Likes are great but are not entries.
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • I will contact the winner via Tumblr message after the giveaway closes.  The winner has 48h to respond; otherwise another winner will be drawn.

Deadline:   Drawing will be held on June 1st.     Good luck!


thank you being a friend

lift me on lilting

rolling peaks,

sing to me every
story of a
dreaming moon

oh, sweet siren,
the stars rearranged

for a better view
of love’s embodiment
in you

— courtney ann scarborough, 3/2/17

[for the ever sweet sirens who continuously support my work, and bring joy to the world around them. I am a terrible conversationalist, and I often don’t know how to interact with people, but I truly appreciate when y'all try to include me in the community, and encourage my growth as a writer — and as a person. Thank you, thank you, an innumerable amount of thank yous!

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and every amazing individual I have not tagged (because tumblr keeps untagging people thanks tumblr) but are amazing individuals nonetheless.]