joan x roger

onionjulius asked:

Roose/Walda, Melisandre/Jon, Joan/Roger.

Melisandre x Jon: I have mixed feelings for this one. While I ship it, I don’t ship it in a romantic way, since any feelings Jon might have for a red head to me is nothing but his mommy issues screaming for attention. But the idea of Melisandre using his infatuation for her red locks and sparkling personality, to try and control him, to make him see how they could get shit done if working together. I like it as a weird son puppet relationship that gets booty from time to time. Plus, Ghost likes her, and I can see him picking her over his emo friend when Jon boy pain gets too bad.

Joan x Roger: I could ship it if this wasn’t so painful for Joan afterwards. Things are fine, so she is fine, but they never stay fine for long, so she’s always the one with the short end of things here.