joan x cherie

anonymous asked:

I totally ship joan and cherie. I know that they say it was just friendship but i think it was definitely more...

here is what cherie has to say about it: 

“I can leave it by saying that I had moments with a friend (Joan) that quake me to this day. And they were some of the most satisfying moments of my young life.” - Neon Angel

"Joan and I, oh we were about as close as you could get, I think.” *laughs* “What do you mean about how close, bitch?” *laughs* “Of course, back in the ’70s there was this whole thing going on with bisexuality….and I did, I had a couple of fun times with Joan.” *laughs* “And she was good too! Reeeally good.” *laughs* - Edgeplay (x)

so no, no no no dear anon. they were not just friends