joan watson is a brilliant character


Okay, so let me get this straight. Joan Watson gets kidnapped chasing after an international terrorist, offers to help them when one of their men gets shot by fixing a bullet wound using box cutters and vodka, and subverts every shitty cliche trope about damsels in distress ever. She’s not a victim in this situation AT ALL. When a female character gets kidnapped, she spends her time with her wrists and ankles bound, making occasional whimpering noises and waiting for her rescuers. Joan Watson MacGyver’s a surgery in the meantime and basically makes friends with her captors, actively helping a man she genuinely believes needs help and manages to get the truth about Mycroft within hours. The only time she is fazed is when someone shoots a man in front of her, otherwise she’s brilliant and strong.


Why more shows should strive to be like Elementary.

Elementary is breaking ground for how characters should be treated regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. I’m writing this so that more people can know why it is such an amazing show, and why it doesn’t deserve the hate people are giving it because it’s an American take on a British show (God knows I’ve written several posts like this). People are so caught up on the fact that it’s American, that they are blatantly ignoring all the great things this show has done to put down societal standards that are faced by people every day in real life. So without further ado, these are the reasons why you should either watch, or at least give more respect to Elementary.

Proving platonic friendships exist. One of the biggest things that anger people about Elementary is that John was changed to Joan. A lot of people think this was done because the writers are homophobic, and were afraid of a gay relationship between the two titular characters. Well, both canonically in the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and as stated by the writers, there is to be no romantic relationship between Watson and Holmes. Elementary has done something that many shows haven’t even attempted: proved that a man and a woman can spend time together without performing sexual acts. They’ve showed that there’s more to men and women than their genitals.

Women in powerful roles. The sexes of two major characters have been changed to female in Elementary: Watson and Moriarty. But the best thing about this twist is that they still maintain the same wonderful characteristics as their male counterparts without being reduced to mere love interests. Moriarty is just as clever, if not more clever, than Sherlock and she operates an entire criminal base. And while she may have had a relationship with Sherlock as Irene, that wasn’t her sole purpose for being on the show. She, a woman, challenged one of the most brilliant men in the fictional universe. Watson was a surgeon who was very good at what she did. She’s extremely brilliant as has been shown by her work with Sherlock as a detective, and can totally kick ass. On top of all this, not only do the writers show these female characters respect, the other characters show them respect as well. Sherlock trains Joan and accepts her as his equal, he never once puts down her talents because of her gender. He learns from her too, and even tells her that he’s better with her. Imagine that, a man bettering himself through the effect of a woman. He also respects Moriarty, and like Joan, doesn’t doubt her abilities just because she’s female. Sherlock isn’t the only one to show respect though, Gregson, Bell, and all those other wonderful characters are extremely respectful of these powerful women as well. Overall, there’s not a single main character in this show that you can hate because they’re all such wonderful human beings.

People of color in powerful roles. Not only do the women get powerful roles, but people of color do too. Joan, on top of being female, is also Asian, and not once is her race a hinder to her abilities. They don’t revolve around the fact that she’s a woman of color, but rather around the fact that she’s a person. Same can be said of Bell, who is one of the top detectives with NYPD and very good at his job. All the other characters respect him for his work, and are huge supporters of him since they can see past the color of his skin. Fantastic characters such as Gregson, who I can’t say enough is extremely wonderful in every essence because he’s just so respectful and nice, support him and Watson. And the fact that Gregson and Sherlock are white, proving that white people can have respect for people of color without being complete asses, is just brilliant. Then there’s Alfredo, Sherlock’s mentor. This was so well done I nearly tear up every single time I think of it. A black man helping a white man to overcome drug use. Just think about that, please, because it is so rarely ever done in any other show. Usually its the reverse, a white man helping a black man to overcome drug use. But no, Elementary isn’t putting up with that racist bullshit, it’s instead showing that people of color are so much more than their stereotypes. This is something I have only seen in two other (completely fantastic) shows: Sleepy Hollow and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Not revolving around such trivial matters as race, sex, and sexual orientation. I know I’ve already said this a lot, but I cannot stress it enough. The writers just have so much respect for these characters, and they focus on the plot instead of the stereotypes. For God’s sake, Ms. Hudson is transgender, and not once do they discredit her character for it. In fact, they don’t even bring it up at all. And Watson and Sherlock have enough decency to not make a big deal out of it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand more times: these characters are what every person should strive to be like. They treat you how you treat them, no matter what you look like or who you love. They don’t make jokes out of anyone or any situation because of one of these trivial matters. I’m sitting here, tearing up as a I write this, because I just love how fantastic and well done this show is. It’s so beautifully and brilliantly done that it’s pretty much impossible to hate if you watch it.

These are just a few of the reasons why this show is so completely and utterly fantastic, and why you should watch it or in least respect it and not give it your hate because it’s American or any other absurd reasons such as that. These factors are all huge factors that today’s media really needs to start including in their shows and movies. It’s time for media to start showing some respect. I could literally go on all day about this, but I’ll spare you for now. Thank you for reading, and I hope that you give Elementary a try if you haven’t already! 

"Rip Off" is THE most important Watson episode on Elementary

“Who knows…
              if you do write a book, someone might be interested to read it”

— Sherlock Holmes to Kitty Winter, NOT Watson, in 3x05.

No one’s freaking out in the fandom so I wonder how many grasped the significance of what went down. This is HUGE, for Watson. Yes her complete absence was distracting, many jumped to the conclusion that Kitty Winter is replacing Joan Watson. 1.) How is that possible in a Sherlock story. 2.) I’m an english speaking Asian female filmmaker shut up I understand gender/race representation disparities more then you. 2.) Allow me to explain why Kitty Winter’s presence and her erasing of Watson’s “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes” is really THE best thing ever for Joan Watson.
In fact, I’m freaking out over how monumental this is in the entire history of “SHERLOCK HOLMES” and it’s adaptations.

You see, Sherlock Holmes was a fictional masterpiece written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, narrating as Dr. Watson. Almost every single adaptation of this story and character has stuck to that; Sherlock is the protagonist, the focus and curiosity, and Watson is the narrator who’s there to record, observe and marvel at Sherlock’s brilliance. And Sherlock’s brilliant, to the point of being alien. Watson was the human who acted as audience surrogate, especially in later adaptations that upped Watson to the importance of a sidekick. But Sherlock remains the subject, and Watson studied him. With Elementary, it’s one-sided no more. Sherlock learnt from Watson more then ever.

Elementary started out with immediate declarations that they intend to change up the classic’s dynamic, by making Watson an equal to Sherlock in their narrative. They succeeded tremendously in transforming the foil into a heroine with Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson. So impressively fleshed out is she, really sometimes you question who is more celebrated in this show, Watson or Sherlock. The heart, or the mind. But never was that equal partnership literally actualised, because Joan Watson wrote “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes”. She was a student and a spectator. But there’s a reason why this show’s titled “Elementary” NOT “Sherlock” or “Sherlock Holmes”. (And no it’s not BBC.)

That can of soda in “Rip Off” erases that. Well poured.
Sherlock is not the sole headliner in THIS STORY. Elementary respects it’s root material, but it’s growing pass it. And in an episode aptly titled “Rip Off”!

In the same episode that forces you to experience the hole in Sherlock’s life without Joan Watson, Elementary elevates Watson’s meta status to Sherlock Holmes’ true co-lead. Their legend will indeed be written. But finally, finally, Watson will be a subject AS interesting and as worth documenting, alongside Sherlock. Because for the first time, their tales would be accounted by someone who admires and received immense help from them BOTH. One strong, patched up broken bird, Kitty Winter. Watson and Sherlock’s adopted daughter apprentice is effectively this story’s Sir Arthur Conan Dolye!!! You see why I’m flailing like the Tardis is right outside my door?

No wonder they inserted Ophelia Lovibond’s lovely british voice this season thus so. Her introduction baffled us all. Yes she’s canon, but not like this. Was she supposed to be the horrible creative decision that is Watson 2.0, literally living in her space. Never mind that she can’t possibly reach Joan Watson’s perfection in complimenting Sherlock’s character. The double take is that Kitty’s tragic history meant she’s really Sherlock 2.0, another damaged soul for Joan Watson’s magical healing touch. And accepted Watson’s help she has, over many episodes Kitty has come to revere Watson’s influence while we grit our teeth thinking “Who ARE you?”. Why do you, random little Kitty Winter, get to steal share time with our beloved Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes? Now we finally have the epic answer, and the brilliance of this creative manoeuvre blows my mind.

Or, maybe this is just my misinterpretation and this whole Kitty Winter thing is really just a quiet behind the scenes creative disagreement and conspiracy to replace Lucy Liu forever with a white actress because there can ALWAYS only be ONE female lead who must play disciple, sidekick and second fiddler to the male white lead. Elementary? Nah I think not.