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France and Joan

I was re-watching Beautiful World ep15 where France meets Lisa (Joan of Arcs reincarnation) and couldn’t help but think about how sad that must of been for France. Personally I think that France loved Joan, just look at him with Lisa.

Him having loved her is why he reacts the way he does: blushing (with a hint of worry) first for his surprise, flamboyant next to hide his pain, then serious when the memories begin to resurface. He probably disappeared because being around her was too much.

I think that part of the reason France is so carefree with sex and relationships is because the last person he got seriously attached to was killed and he couldn’t do anything. Anything sexual is close to a joke for him while actual love is something he takes very seriously, like in BWH ep5 when he’s looking at the people in Paris who love each other.

He’s so serious and looks both happy and sad, like he’s remembering something. And the speech that the soldier’s fiance was giving about how living long enough to watch your loved ones die was in this episode and then 10 episodes later we get France and Joan can’t be coincidence; especially because he’s the one who brings Joan of Arc up instead of the Narrator. It’s like he’s willing her to remember her past life.

Granted he brought up the Church first, but he didn’t have to bring up Joan. He was also talking about how he had wished that those “tossed” by history would be reborn and live a happy life before he disappeared but after he held Lisa/Joan’s hand.

He also says his wish had come true before he leaves, which to me means that he had wanted to be with her again in a happier time. But since his wish has already come true by the fact that she’s alive, he decides to leave her to a happiness without him.

France lost his love once and choose not to lose her again, by leaving. He didn’t want to go through the pain of watching her die by age, and didn’t want her to be pained by watching him stay the same. It was like what the fiance had said about France’s existence being sad when he had to watch people he cared about die when he couldn’t. France loved Joan so much that he closed his heart off and chose to live without her so that they both wouldn’t be hurt. How strong must he be to do that?

On a side note, England was the country that burned Joan. This might be part of the reason (not the whole of course) why France and England always fight because even though France has mostly forgiven England, France hasn’t completely. Not that England was the one to do it, but it was his people. And if I remember correctly France is usually the one to initiate their fights, like he always has a bone to pick with England.

Re-watching this episode has made me realize that France is a good guy who’s been through a horrible experience, and that he’s not a pervert. France is one of my favorite characters due to this episode because it showcases him being caring, eccentric, in love and also in pain. it shows that even though he is a country, he is more human than we give him credit for.

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