joan garrick

should you fight this flashfamily member?
  • jay garrick: he fought the nazis. he's taught every single flash there is. do you want to hurt really really badly? if so, go ahead.
  • barry allen: aw why would you fight barry allen? he's just trying his best. sure he's a little mopey but he just wants to do his best. leave him alone.
  • wally west: fight this weasley reject pile of poop. do it. fight him. kick his nerd ass. he doesn't even have a job. god.
  • jesse quick: really? she has super speed, super strength, and runs her own company. go ahead and fight her if you want to know what a truck coming at you at like 90000 mph looks like.
  • max mercury: do you even know how old he is? the shit he's seen? he raised impulse. do you wanna mess with that?
  • bart allen: you soulless animal. you raging hell beast. he's actually like 5 years old. why would you fight this precious cinnamon bun? has he not been through enough? fight to protect him maybe. speaking of protecting him: remember inertia? remember what happened to him? he's also got like 2 kickass, age hardened dads. basically don't fight bart allen, you baby killer.
  • irey west: she's like 10. don't fight a 10 year old. don't you have morals?
  • jai west: he doesn't even have his powers anymore. are you really that empty and devoid of goodness?
  • joan garrick: you would hurt your own grandmother? you monster.
  • iris allen: no. do not.
  • linda park-west: it's like you want to find out if wally has a breaking point. first his kids, now this? and plus, why would you want to screw with her? you'd be better off fighting her husband because she will get a gun and she will shoot you.

The DCEU (semi) Fancast 

I made two fancasts recently, one for the DCEU and one for the CW show. I gave myself an outline:

1) all actors had to be currently at the right age, and working in the industry.

2) in the spirit of diversifying DC I had to try and feel what might work and choose outside the usual go-to. I was not going to change any character that was already of colour either in the comics or film. 

3) if I chose a ethnicity I had to find an actor that actually was that ethnicity, I would not get someone of one ethnicity to play another (this is complicated for CW show because, well, there’s only two Afro Asians in the age bracket/younger than the actors for Wally & Linda which I used for DCEU. And I could get no children.)

The characters are sometimes given more than one face due to how they could be utilised in the story and what age they might come in. 

Names of all the actors under the cut.

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First Valentine’s Day - Bart Allen x Reader

Originally posted by aqua-isabelle

Requested by Anon - a First Valentines Day with Bart cuz they don’t celebrate it in the future.

Everything started when you found out Bart had never celebrated officially Valentine’s Day. You overheard him talking with Jaime about it, asking what it was about for he only heard vague stories about it. After hearing Jaime’s attempt at an explanation, you decided to give Bart the best first Valentine’s day ever.

Of course, Bart and you weren’t dating, but the constantly flirting between the two of you hinted at something more. So, you didn’t feel too uncomfortable about it. After all, if Bart turned out to not have any feelings for you at all, you could still do it as a friend.

You planned everything out, even going so far as to recruit other members of the team to make sure Bart would arrive and receive everything he was supposed to at the right time. It was a lot of work, but you knew it would be worth it.

The morning of fourteenth of February arrived with a knock on the door of the Garricks’ house. Bart zoomed through the house, having been up for hours trying to make a Valentine’s Day card for you. After hearing Jaime’s explanation of Valentine’s day, he researched a bit on his own, and figured out what he should do.

That being said, Bart was shocked beyond belief when he opened the door to find four heart shaped boxes of chocolate with a card with his name lying on his doorstep. Bart picked up the boxes, tucking them under his arm before opening up the card. 

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