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23 unexplainable emotions every Hetalia country feels part 3 of 3

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THEATRE OF IMMORTALITYthe hero archetypes (character archetype series 1/5)

Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson join the NYPD manhunt for a serial bomber who is active again after going dormant for six years. During the investigation, Joan seeks help from a former criminal, Shinwell Johnson, whose life she saved when she was a surgeon.

Nelsan Ellis joins the cast as Shinwell Johnson, a character who first appeared in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1924 story, ‘The Illustrious Client.’

—  Elementary Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 2.

Classic Film Guide for How to be a Lady #33: Don’t ignore your appetite.

Marie Prevost solves a riddle of the ages in Ladies of Leisure (1930) with Barbara Stanwyck. 

‘Sure, you can have your cake and eat it, too.’


'Have two cakes!’

The decade followed with women’s pictures featuring frank depictions of women’s unapologetic appetite. Before Joan Crawford won an Oscar for playing a woman who baked cakes for a living but never ate, she embodied women who relished meals in Dancing Lady (1933), Sadie McKee (1934) and The Bride Wore Red (1937). Jean Arthur is so sick with hunger that she ignores a riot in the Automat while she tucks in to her otherwise boring pot pie and mourns its loss in the smash up. Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball, Eve Arden, Ann Miller and other ladies of the Footlights Club endure handsy producers and lumberjacks in order to savour pheasant bordelaise and other tasty comestibles rather than submit to the house’s grim lamb stew. One lady in Stage Door (1937) complains that all they talk about is men and food. ‘What else is there?’ Lucy wants to know. Ginger Rogers hankers for a full larder so much that she agrees to sort the lives of spoilt uppercrusts in Fifth Avenue Girl (1939). When Vivien Leigh faints in the cafe in Waterloo Bridge (1940), we’re told that without proper sustenance, a lady wilts before all adversity. She’s so ravenous there’s no alternative but to turn streetwalker.

A lady needs to eat.

For me, Wolf’s greatest achievement is that she returns Arthur to the center of his own story. Too often Arthurian tales concentrate on the Knights of the Round Table or the tragic love of Lancelot and Guinevere. King Arthur is treated like George Washington often is - as a hero who is so noble and so far above the common man that he seems more like a stuffed owl than a real person.
Just as Washington was a real man who surmounted his human weaknesses with wisdom and vision, Wolf’s Arthur is a charismatic, utterly compelling king who earns the love and loyalty of his people. (…) It’s Arthur’s wisdom and fairness that make him a king for the ages.
As Guinevere learns, “When Arthur was present, you did not look at anyone else.”…
—  Mary Jo Putney on “The road to Avalon” by Joan Wolf

4x16 Hounded  Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson & Henry Baskerville

At the urging of Morland’s wealthy associate, Henry Baskerville (Tom Everett Scott), Sherlock and Joan look into the death of his businessman brother and discover that a witness saw the man chased to his death by a large, glowing animal too fantastic to be real.  Sherlock considers intervening when the trauma from the bombing at the morgue negatively impacts ME Hawes’ work.

[Tom Everett Scott as Henry Baskerville, Michael Gladis as Rodger Stapleton, Drew Gehling as Caden Barrymore, Jennifer Ikeda as Laura Lyons, Haviland Morris as Dr. Jane Mortimer, Enid Graham as Ms. Chadwick, Kevin Isola as Anton, Ric Stoneback as Seldon, Robbie Tann as Stewy, Adam Heller as Stuffy Lawyer, Raymond Neil Hernandez as Truck Driver, Jordan Gelber returns as ME Eugene Hawes]


Because I literally cannot deal with all of the feelings I have over Covert Affairs Ending. MOSTLY I am angry, sad, ugh and so unhappy we wont see more of these two. The Campbells were my first ship, my first OTP and will ALWAYS be my favorite TV couple. They came so far over 5 seasons and their characters were so raw and real and i loved every second. THEY are the reason I got addicted to this show in the first place. USA network…epic fail guys epic fail.