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Nuremberg Trials: IQ

The IQ results of the main defendants of the Nuremberg trials.

Die IQ- Ergebnisse der Hauptangeklagten der Nürnberger Prozesse.

It’s very interesting that 20 of the 21 tested main defendants of the Nuremberg trials are above average, even highly intelligence. None of these men had below average intelligence. Except for Julius Streicher. Hjalmar Schacht had the same IQ like Richard Nixon and is considered a genius

Source/Quelle: Gustave M. Gilbert: Nürnberger Tagebuch – Gespräche der Angeklagten mit dem Gerichtspsychologen; Fischer Verlag 


A great moment from the Nuremberg Trial on 31 August 1946. Rudolf Hess asks to give his final statement to the court sitting down and is allowed to do so. Ribbentrop then holds the microphone for him. After 20 minutes, Justice Lawrence interrupts (Goering and Hess scramble to put on their headphones) to gently tell him to hurry it up with the words, “The Tribunal, therefore, hopes that the Defendant Hess will conclude his speech.”