Can you do a fem!lock prompt where Jo(John) is self conscious of her body compared to Sherlock and Sherlock has to comfort her?? Thank you so much! Keep writing! – anon

I’m think I’m at the stage where I physically can’t stop writing. Hope you enjoy it, love! Jen.

Jo glanced over herself, feeling a sadness she hadn’t felt since teenagedom, watching herself in a mirror and praying for somebody else’s form.

She wasn’t ugly, not quite. There were just so many imperfections it began to make her vision blur, cataloguing the unsightly bumps over her hips, the indents, the flab where muscle post-Army had faded out. Not fat, but hardly thin, hardly beautiful.

Sherlock, by comparison, was simply sublime. Their relationship notwithstanding, Sherlock was a very beautiful woman; immensely thin, but not shapeless or truly boyish. Beautiful breasts, a waist, legs shaped by running through London, hair in a flat sweep to just beneath her shoulder blades.

Her face was the most unique part. Cheekbones and nose and forehead, unbelievably clear skin, oceanic gaze in the blue-green eyes.

By comparison, Jo was truly plain. Shorter, dumpier. Her hair was flat, a grubby-looking blonde, face chubby, body worse. She was nothing, compared to Sherlock.

“You are aware that staring will achieve nothing?” enquired a voice from behind her, snapping Jo out of her reverie; Sherlock smiled faintly, moving closer, glancing over Jo’s body with a critical eye that made Jo feel like every part of her was being analysed.

“An accident when you were small,” she said quietly, pointing to a scar on Jo’s ankle. “Self harm, you never tried again,” at a small scar on her thigh, an uneven smear of burn from a single match. “Afghanistan is everywhere,” she continued, fingers light as she trailed over the shoulder, the slightly marred breast tissue, the habitual tilt of weight on the left side from a psychosomatic limp that still lingered in the psyche. “You and I,” continued, in the cloth-covered nipples, the indent of her waist. “Your life is painted in your body. I would be devastated if something were to happen to it.”

Jo smiled faintly, turning away from the mirror slightly to look at Sherlock properly. “I…”

“Do you think I’m a freak?” Sherlock asked plainly, gaze merciless.

Jo’s face fell. “Shit, Sherlock no, obviously…”

“Other people are not always accurate, in their perceptions of people,” Sherlock continued, cutting over Jo’s words; Jo froze slightly, seeing Sherlock’s point, wondering how to express how this was different. “Do not concern yourself with the other idiots. They will always find ways to cause distress. If it was not this, it would be something else.”

Jo sighed slightly, Sherlock linking arms around her back. “I know. I…”

Sherlock kissed her softly, and words fell apart in her mouth. It didn’t matter, at the end of it all. Sherlock loved, in the way Sherlock did everything; eccentrically. She simply couldn’t understand why other people – who they had established were idiots – would make any different.

The more Jo thought about it, the more she was inclined to agree.


BBC’s Sherlock Gender Swapped Paper Dolls!!!

Please meet: Ira Addler, Sherlock Holmes, and Jo Watson. These are simply the bases - outfits are to come (four are already complete)! I tried to make sure the characters’ personalities carried through each of the outfits, hairstyles, and body types. So please stay tuned over the next few weeks!

Let me know if you guys want to see other characters. Plans are under way for: Mycroft, Moriarty, and er… Mr. Hudson. If this picks up enough traction, I might make this a weekly thing I’ll keep up with it’s own blog!

WOAH.  Wow.  Okay.  Not my cup of tea.  -JW

How can people even dream that this is how I think?  -SH

All of these deductions are preposterous.  These people are imbeciles.  I refuse to be misrepresented in this boorish manner.  -SH

That’s not even anatomically possible.  -SH

For once, please just shut up.  -JW

[OOC: Actually, I am an avid enjoyer of fanfiction!  Amy (Jo) not so much, as she hasn’t had a huge amount of internet exposure over the course of her life.  I don’t even actually know if she’s read any at all, come to think of it.  Asides, of course, from my lemony masterpiece]


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by JamiAlexandra7

A late-night phone call changes everything, testing Jo and Sherlock’s faith in one another.

Words: 1903, Chapters: ¼, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of fem!Parentlock

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A Study In Pink.  It’s hard to match up to the case that saved my life.

Any case where Sherl gets confused is interesting, though.  I love watching the way her mind works, and though she’s certainly her most frustrating when frustrated, it’s also fascinating, the way she looks at things, and comes to her conclusions.

Touching, Jo.  -SH