If you want to run for prime minister, you can. if you don’t, that’s wonderful, too. shave your armpits, don’t shave them, wear flats one day, heels the next. these things are so irrelevant and surface to what it is all really about, and i wish people wouldn’t get caught up in that. we want to empower women to do exactly what they want, to be true to themselves, to have the opportunities to develop.

Can you do a fem!lock prompt where Jo(John) is self conscious of her body compared to Sherlock and Sherlock has to comfort her?? Thank you so much! Keep writing! – anon

I’m think I’m at the stage where I physically can’t stop writing. Hope you enjoy it, love! Jen.

Jo glanced over herself, feeling a sadness she hadn’t felt since teenagedom, watching herself in a mirror and praying for somebody else’s form.

She wasn’t ugly, not quite. There were just so many imperfections it began to make her vision blur, cataloguing the unsightly bumps over her hips, the indents, the flab where muscle post-Army had faded out. Not fat, but hardly thin, hardly beautiful.

Sherlock, by comparison, was simply sublime. Their relationship notwithstanding, Sherlock was a very beautiful woman; immensely thin, but not shapeless or truly boyish. Beautiful breasts, a waist, legs shaped by running through London, hair in a flat sweep to just beneath her shoulder blades.

Her face was the most unique part. Cheekbones and nose and forehead, unbelievably clear skin, oceanic gaze in the blue-green eyes.

By comparison, Jo was truly plain. Shorter, dumpier. Her hair was flat, a grubby-looking blonde, face chubby, body worse. She was nothing, compared to Sherlock.

“You are aware that staring will achieve nothing?” enquired a voice from behind her, snapping Jo out of her reverie; Sherlock smiled faintly, moving closer, glancing over Jo’s body with a critical eye that made Jo feel like every part of her was being analysed.

“An accident when you were small,” she said quietly, pointing to a scar on Jo’s ankle. “Self harm, you never tried again,” at a small scar on her thigh, an uneven smear of burn from a single match. “Afghanistan is everywhere,” she continued, fingers light as she trailed over the shoulder, the slightly marred breast tissue, the habitual tilt of weight on the left side from a psychosomatic limp that still lingered in the psyche. “You and I,” continued, in the cloth-covered nipples, the indent of her waist. “Your life is painted in your body. I would be devastated if something were to happen to it.”

Jo smiled faintly, turning away from the mirror slightly to look at Sherlock properly. “I…”

“Do you think I’m a freak?” Sherlock asked plainly, gaze merciless.

Jo’s face fell. “Shit, Sherlock no, obviously…”

“Other people are not always accurate, in their perceptions of people,” Sherlock continued, cutting over Jo’s words; Jo froze slightly, seeing Sherlock’s point, wondering how to express how this was different. “Do not concern yourself with the other idiots. They will always find ways to cause distress. If it was not this, it would be something else.”

Jo sighed slightly, Sherlock linking arms around her back. “I know. I…”

Sherlock kissed her softly, and words fell apart in her mouth. It didn’t matter, at the end of it all. Sherlock loved, in the way Sherlock did everything; eccentrically. She simply couldn’t understand why other people – who they had established were idiots – would make any different.

The more Jo thought about it, the more she was inclined to agree.


Jo Watson, sitting the back row of an Introductory Psychology lecture, had almost completely tuned out the professor when it happened:

“Yes, Holmes?” The professor sounded more than a little bit resigned to being corrected yet again by Sherlock Holmes.

“This whole concept is extremely heteronormative and sexist. Why is it still included this course? It’s essentially useless.”

Jo snickered. The professor looked taken aback. “I beg your pardon?”

Sherlock Holmes was without question the smartest (and fittest, but that was beside the point) student in their year – she had no business being in anything as basic as an introductory course, but prerequisites were prerequisites even for a genius – and spent more time correcting professors than taking notes. She was in three of Jo’s other classes and although she’d never worked up the nerve to so much as introduce herself, Jo found herself nursing something of a crush on her.

“I said, the entire concept of sexual selection and parental investment theory is heteronormative, outdated, and vaguely sexist. It doesn’t take into account the existence of gay or bisexual people.”

“There’s no need to be political, Holmes. I’m sure all of that is irrelevant to our discussion today…” the prof – who, Jo noted, was one of the oldest in the department and staunchly heterosexual (not to mention more than a little homophobic) – trailed off awkwardly. “Now, as I was saying –”

“But shouldn’t modern social science and psychology be trying to include lesbian and gay perspectives?” another student piped up, cutting the professor off again. “It’s important, after all, and since none of us like to think of ourselves as homophobic, shouldn’t we be the ones making that effort?”

“There, you see!” Sherlock sounded triumphant, and Jo grinned to herself. Despite being a chemistry major, Sherlock could correct most of the profs in the required introductory courses. Jo could picture her self-satisfied grin and the slight blush she knew would be on those sharp cheekbones – Sherlock may be outspoken, but she could also be painfully shy, and it showed in the way her face flamed every time she spoke up in class. “Very little of the data – if you can call it that – you’re presenting is applicable to queer people, and it’s absurd to leave out such a significant portion of the population.”

The professor took a step forward, frowning thunderously at the continued interruption. “Holmes, you have yet to demonstrate why any of your leftist idealism is relevant to my lecture today. I must insist you stop interrupting, or I will have to ask you to leave.”

“Maybe she’s a dyke!” a student sitting behind Jo shouted out. Jo turned to glare at him, not at all surprised to see that it was a stereotypical white-frat-boy who’d made the comment.

There was a wave of uncomfortable giggling and muttering. “You can’t just say things like that, it’s offensive,” someone stage-whispered, sounding scandalized. “Although I did always think it was rather obvious.”

Sherlock stood up and whirled around, her face red and twisted in anger, her shoulders tight and her hands clenched into fists at her sides. “And what’s it to you if I am?” she demanded.

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OC Face Claim Tag Game

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Some choices were very hard to make, so I had to make do with a last resort for one of my OCs. I’ve never actually done this before, so it was interesting

Rachel McAdams -> Flora Jane Watson. 

Melanie Martinez -> Abigail Alexander (yes, she’s literally my original universe’s version of Melanie Martinez… crossed with Britney Spears and myself anyway) 

Angus burger -> Angus Jo Watson (I COULD NOT FIND ANYONE WHO LOOKED LIKE HIM???)

Gabriel Bin -> Lucas Vasquez 

Shelby Rabara -> Lillie Takeda-Vasquez 

Kat Lopez -> Yuriko Takeda-Cortez

Mika (Michael J Penniman) -> Adrian Cortez

Anne Miller -> Vivian Cortez

(Young) Frank Sinatra -> Darcy Cortez 

Ruby Rose -> Eloise Montclair 

(No Makeup) Lady Gaga -> Margo Montclair

I find it funny that by this logic, Mika and a Filipina model gave birth to Frank Sinatra and Anne Miller, who were then adopted by their aunt Shelby Rabara, who’s married to a Brazilian model, who is the baby daddy of Regina George’s hamburger, who in turn is besties with Ruby rose and Lady gaga (who are cousins) and Regina George is married to Melanie Martinez

Another unpopular opinion: I find it weird and unsettlingly informal when fans refer to writers/actors by their first names. You don’t know them. At least use their surname too. Like, I would never call J.K Rowling ‘Jo’, or Emma Watson 'Emma’, for example. It implies an intimacy that has an unhealthy air. With characters it’s difference because they aren’t real people, subject to the pragmatics and register of social interaction. It makes it seem like you have a unique, personal connection with them that places you in a position of authority over other fans.


FAKE MOVIE MEME Murders Anonymous (Request)

Make a fake movie meme with Emma Watson, Blake Lively, Jamie Dornan. A thriller. PLEASE!

Welcome to Murders Anonymous. Where fascination meets obsession.

Two young women with a fascination with death, contact an online crime forum to research a psychology thesis. They agree to meet with a man whose mother was the last victim of a Massachusetts serial killer 23 years ago.

“You two don’t look like your average serial killer groupies.“
“We’re not…it’s just research.”

“What do you know about the night my mother died?“
"Well, I’ve heard some stories about it….”
“Like what?”
“If you want I can show you…for research purposes of course.”

What starts off as “informative” roleplay, soon turns into something darker, as the lines between fiction and reality become blurred.

Blake Lively as “Jo”
Emma Watson as “Liv”
Jamie Dornan as “Ben”

fake movie meme || “Murders Anonymous”

↳ a suspenseful thriller starring Blake Lively, Emma Watson, and Jamie Dornan. 

Rowling does NOT regret Ron and Hermione's relationship.

In some ways Hermione and Harry are a better fit”

Thats it. Thats all she said.

It is official, the sunday times and hypable are jerks. The full wonderland article is available to read now and though some of the quotes that were released ARE actually said, they were taken completely out of context with the initial ‘sneak peeks’. 

But more importantly all the sites and news reported this story with the headline rowling 'REGRETS’, putting a negative spin on the entire thing and sparking massive fandom wank. Even the sunday times article was titled 'JK ADMITS HERMIONE SHOULD HAVE WED HARRY' 

she does no such thing. she regrets nothing. and I feel I was totally correct in assuming it was a publicity thing. Imagine the spikes in traffic these news outlets got from their totally false headlines. So A+ sites, you not only took it out of context but used words and phrases she never used herself. And Emma too! It was reported that Emma agreed with her, when you read the article (below) it comes off like the opposite. It seems to me thats she’s just as much a Romione shipper as she ever was.

And can I just take a moment to applaud Emma’s reluctance to filming the tent scene? Whether you liked it or not, it DID imply harmony when there was none and i think its a good job on Emma for not wanting to do something that was so different from the book just because the filmmakers wanted to. So even tho Heyman and Kloves weren’t trying to keep Jo’s story the same, at least someone was. SO ANYWAY,

Jo has been massively criticized, the fandom boarded ship and went back to war, everything was chaos for a few days,

Congrats, Sunday Times, Hypable, you are both literally Rita Skeeter. And oh yes I blame those two. They are the root, they’re where it started and they are the ones that chose the headlines and set the tone for everything that followed.

Click the read more for the full interview (i’ve left in the stuff not related to the ships too), if anything whats actually said makes Hermione and Ron’s relationship more real. Because most people knew they’d need some work, but that they’d make it anyway.

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It’s nice to see that a supposed leaked article that has not yet been confirmed by either Jo Rowling or Emma Watson has caused tons of fans to grab their torches and scream “FUCK YOU, JO ROWLING.”

Feeling the love for your supposed favorite author, guys.

anonymous asked:

Tbh you getting salty at people who swear Hermione is white, pretty sure Jo is just using the coincidence that she never mentioned what skin colour she had to appeal to the people who swear she's a POC. After all Jo said that Emma Watson was the perfect Hermione and she was involved in the casting, if Hermione was intended to be black the casting call would specified for black girls. But if you swear she was originally black I don't see you complaining to Jo about white washing her in the films.

Cool cool cool. Listen: Jo has said since 2000 that she’s thrilled readers bring their imagination to the books when it comes to envisioning her world and characters. This acceptance of a black Hermione isn’t some new thing she’s trying out to “get in” with anyone lmao.

Secondly, if you think her saying Emma is the perfect Hermione based on appearance, you’re daft. Jo pretty much said that Emma looks nothing like her Hermione but she was cast bc she was able to nail Hermione’s mannerisms. You can go watch her conversation with Daniel Radcliffe on YouTube for receipts.

Thirdly, please call me salty again, I luv it.