SBS Roommate House on the Sims 3

Hey guys! I have created the house on Roommate! It was a huge project but I finished it in a week! A new record! :D

This house is a decent replica of the home used by the cast of the 11 members. I added my own little twist with decorating, wall adjustments, and color schemes.

This house is available on the Sims 3 Exchange!

>EDIT< The link has been fixed (10/27/ 14)

If the link doesn’t work, send me a message and i will personally give you the link. Or you can navigate to it from my studio :) 

Download it for free!

The pictures are:

1.) Front of the house

2.) Front of the house (corner)

3.) Back of the house (corner)

4.) Back of the house

5.) First Floor.

6.) Second Floor

I used kdramasaremazicmazicmazic floor plans that they drew to give me a place to start. Thank you so much!

Their floor plans:

Thanks again! <3