15 of the Highest Paid K-Drama Actors and What They Earn

15 of the Highest Paid K-Drama Actors and What They Earn

After revealing the highest paid K-Drama actresses, a new report from news outlet Ilgan Sports has revealed the highest paid K-Drama actors in 2015. It appears as though the pay gap between actresses and actors is not as large as it has been in the past. However, male actors tend to enjoy greater popularity amongst female fans. In addition to their high earnings from K-Dramas, actors can cash in…

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Was doing some Kim Jae Wook stalking when BAM! found out that he performed in the musical Hedwig. Same like Wannie :O
And then with even further digging found out that Jo Jong Seuk and Choi Jae Woong also starred in it. 
Whoah whoahwhat….it seems like being attractive is the pre-requisite for playing the lead role in Hedwig. 

“A whole new world..”

PS- they all alternated the lead role during the season. 
Cr on pics. koreatimes

I’ve been enjoying You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin~ Sadly because it’s a 50-episodes weekend drama I think I’ll be the only one watching amongst my friends because they all don’t do drama commitments like I do lol.

The otp is working well, imho. Plenty of subtle overacting from the casts but if I have to minus marks, that’s only barely 5% gone.

(And my HD will die soon I guess, been dl-ing 720p eps and they all take up 1gb at least per ep *dies* why am I such a HD whore cries)