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Credit to Ngozi for the amazing webcomic.

installation for non iphones under the cut.

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  1. Who are you - C2C
  2. Delta - C2C
  3. Seize the day - Bless
  4. Walk with me - Joe Budden
  5. Heartbeats - Grum
  6. Sweet Soul Brother - Jet set radio FUTURE OST
  7. Hurts like heaven (Mylo Xyloto) - Coldplay
  8. You’re On - Madeon
  9. Broken - Gorillaz
  10. Detroit - Gorillaz
  11. Lay your hands on me - Dj jo REMIX
  12. NRG - Duck Sauce
  13. Live Forever - Travis Barker
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So…  I have something to tell you,” Jo confessed, ducking her head.  "I’m kinda…seeing, your brother.“

Samaya smiled softly, “I’m happy for you!” she exclaimed, “my brother deserves a girl like you, I know you’ll take care of him.” she grinned, “but if you ever hurt him…” she threatened before breaking out in a laugh, “I’m only teasing.” she assured her.