Daughter of the Shield Part 4

Type: Series 

Warnings: Swearing



“Absolutely not”

“Well you’re not getting that weird pepperoni and pineapple thing again”

“Why not!?! That was amazing!”

“It was a concoction straight from hell”

“Your face is straight from hell”

“I have the face of an American hero!”

“An American hero with horrible taste in pizza!”  Jo quickly ducked out of the way of a flying pillow.  “Just for that, I’m ordering extra pineapple” Jo quickly rushed into the bathroom and locked the door before Steve could come barging in.  

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  1. Who are you - C2C
  2. Delta - C2C
  3. Seize the day - Bless
  4. Walk with me - Joe Budden
  5. Heartbeats - Grum
  6. Sweet Soul Brother - Jet set radio FUTURE OST
  7. Hurts like heaven (Mylo Xyloto) - Coldplay
  8. You’re On - Madeon
  9. Broken - Gorillaz
  10. Detroit - Gorillaz
  11. Lay your hands on me - Dj jo REMIX
  12. NRG - Duck Sauce
  13. Live Forever - Travis Barker

anonymous asked:

heeey heres a possible prompt: jo and alex start sleeping together (literally sleeping) in on call rooms while being broken up just for the company. could be set after the whole husband drama. thanks! i luuuv your fics.

Jo stretched slightly, her eyes fluttering open as soft rays of early morning sunshine filtered through the blinds of the on-call room. She started to check her watch, but realized that Alex’s arm was casually laid across her body and she didn’t want to risk waking him.

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