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heeey heres a possible prompt: jo and alex start sleeping together (literally sleeping) in on call rooms while being broken up just for the company. could be set after the whole husband drama. thanks! i luuuv your fics.

Jo stretched slightly, her eyes fluttering open as soft rays of early morning sunshine filtered through the blinds of the on-call room. She started to check her watch, but realized that Alex’s arm was casually laid across her body and she didn’t want to risk waking him.

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  1. Who are you - C2C
  2. Delta - C2C
  3. Seize the day - Bless
  4. Walk with me - Joe Budden
  5. Heartbeats - Grum
  6. Sweet Soul Brother - Jet set radio FUTURE OST
  7. Hurts like heaven (Mylo Xyloto) - Coldplay
  8. You’re On - Madeon
  9. Broken - Gorillaz
  10. Detroit - Gorillaz
  11. Lay your hands on me - Dj jo REMIX
  12. NRG - Duck Sauce
  13. Live Forever - Travis Barker
The Trouble with Christmas Cookies

submission for 12 DAYS OF EVERLARK (created by @que-sera-sera88 & @fyeah-everlark )

Inspired by two Prompts, You own the best bakery in town and I need an insane amount of cookies for this party & “I wanted to bake gingerbread cookies BUT YOU KEEP CHANGING MY GINGERBREAD MEN INTO PENISES”

Thank you @titania522 for taking time to work your magic editing! Gracias! 

“KATNISS” The screech could be heard coming from down the hall.  The click-clack of heels running toward the hall followed shortly.  “NO, no, no, no, this cannot be right.”

Effie carried the box with her as she rushed into the main dining room of her catering facilities.  Frantically, she murmured. “This is not acceptable, oh dear.  Oh my, what will the women think?”

Effie passed one of the volunteers. “Have you seen Katniss?”

“No, sorry Effie.”

Effie quickly moved forward.  The hall was a sea of young volunteers.  They were the daughters and granddaughters of the women who made up the Preservation Society of Panem County.  They were the strongest group in the entire County.  These women basically controlled everything.  They sat on the School Board, the Town Council, and any venue one could imagine that had a say in what went on in District Twelve.  The Preservation Society was the oldest and most prestigious women’s club in of all of Panem.  Every year a different Distinct was chosen to host the holiday party, it was District Twelve’s turn.  

This year, Effie’s catering hall was selected to host the women and to find a creative way to raise money for the chosen philanthropic organization, the Panem’s Children Cancer Fund.  The organization treated children with the diseases for free.  The pressure was surmountable if everything went well.  Unfortunately it wasn’t.  There was snow forecast-ed this evening during the Christmas themed event.

The snow however did not bother Effie as much as the contents of the box.  Effie was beside herself with the honor of hosting this event.  What she held in her hand, however, could potentially ruin her.  Effie could already hear the head chair Alma Coin, say ‘I told you we should have booked somewhere else.’  

That stuck-up, grey-hired dictator had been a thorn in Effie’s side ever since she moved here.  Effie desired to show that woman she had excellent taste.  As she passed yet another volunteer, Effie’s gold and red beehive wig swished around the quicker she walked toward the room.

She saw a young woman dressed all in pink.  Effie recognized her as the Mayors’ daughter and one of Katniss best friends. "Madge, have you seen Katniss?”

“Katniss? Yes she’s up there,” Madge pointed to the ceiling where Katniss was attaching hanging green garland.

“Katniss!” Effie’s voice was like shrill sound of a gym whistle.  All the volunteers within hearing distance stopped what they were doing.

Katniss looked down.

“Katniss! Come down here this instant!”

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