14 Intimate Portraits Of People Living With HIV And AIDS. For nearly a year, Jo Ann Santangelo documented the stories of people living in Austin, TX in effort to reduce the stigma associated with the virus. 


Gina tested positive for HIV in 1986. That year she was arrested for prostitution after she took a ride from an under cover cop and he pressured her to perform oral sex on him. While in jail she tested positive for HIV. They told her they weren’t sure and not to worry about it. So, she didn’t until 1991 when she broke out in a rash and was re-tested and diagnosed with AIDS. “When your a transexual you go through so much stuff, so much hate, so much rejection…I was sad, I was, I was like oh girl no time to be sad, you gotta keep a roof over your head.”

Gina has been living with AIDS for 21 years.


Photography on Dripbook : : Jo Ann Santangelo | Multimedia: I asked, they told | Austin, TX, US

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Multimedia: I asked, they told

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For two years I visited sixty-five Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Veterans. This is a collection of a few of their stories.