soa meme:  [2/6] quotes → jax in “Gilead” [2x07]

“ my son, he’s given me, a new pair of glasses. You know? I find myself thinking about the things I do. Things I say. Ramifications. Not as angry or reactive. For instance, you showing me these photos, trying to lay my rage, my need for revenge, didn’t work. See, I was able to take a moment, think. And I realized, that if we did have a relationship with the Irish, which of course, we don’t, what’d stop me from tipping them off? Lettin’ them know you got’ em under thumb? You take a huge risk playing that card. Which means you’re desperate. You got nothing.”

I feel like One Piece is a really good series for people with anxieties because a lot of the characters have anxiety in some form or fashion, and we can reflect on their experiences and it gives us comfort seeing them recover. Like, maybe it gives people hope that someday they can overcome their own anxieties.

Just something that crossed my mind.