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Assassination Classroom
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Magi the Labyrinth of Magic
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Cocoppa Play
Pastel stuff
Throne of Glass

Discrimination Against Anime Fans.

We get called a lot. Anime fans get a lot of shit from other people about simply liking what they enjoy. But i feel like there are times when sometimes we forget that we can like this too to our own kind.

I went to a couple screenings and a couple events where anime fans would gather and enjoy their fandoms. Great right? But there was this new girl.

The new girl was pretty much a casual anime fan and she would always get looked down on by her choices. Just because sometimes they were either too mainstream or too weird like Yu Yu Hakusho for example. She gets a lot of shit for just being herself. We often get alienated because of what we like which is really stupid but to alienate a lot of people just for what they enjoy. You are just being as bad as them.

So this is for every anime fan, girl or boy, or whatever, cat, dog, fkn fish. sloth. I hope you dont get judged for what you enjoy. And i will support your choices.