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JK Rowling confirmed that

the first movie of fantastic beasts is set in 1926, the last one will take place in 1945. So again: the first one will take place in 1926 … The last (fifth) one … 19 years later. SHE DID IT AGAIN AND SHE WILL NEVER STOP I AM SO DONE FUUUUUUCK

Pottermore: I give you! THE PATRONUS QUIZ!

Today on the internet probably: Most search on animals ever.

Pottermore: You’re welcome.

My illustrated version of Harry Potter!


1 · Send me two or three pictures of you or your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or whoever you want to be illustrated, to:

2 · You will recieve a request code, so you can proceed to do the payment through PayPal.

3 · Once the payment is done all you have to do is wait for 4 days till your drawing is done!

Each portrait costs us$80. The final piece will be delivered in digital, in high resolution, to the same email. It will be able to be printed and to be used it in social media ;)