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Anonymous asked: Prompt: “you just got stood up and you’re embarrassed because everyone’s giving you pitying looks and before you stand up to leave in shame I’m going to pretend that I’m your date that showed up late”

The Roadhouse was crowded, the place buzzing with laughter and music. As far as the eye could see, people were chatting, smiling, and enjoying the best burgers in town. Dean grinned as he took a seat at the bar. He loved to come here for a beer or two after a long day at work; after a quick meal and a shower, the Roadhouse usually called to him.

“Winchester! What a surprise.” Jo greeted him with a smirk, already handing him a nice cold bottle of beer.

Jo was the daughter of the owner, Ellen Harvelle, and she’d been Dean’s friend for years now. The great thing about this? Dean often managed to score a free drink.

“Back at ya.” Dean shot back, rolling his eyes at her comment. “And thanks.” He added, holding up his bottle.

“Yeah yeah.” Jo replied, dismissively waving her hand. “One day, I’m going to need a huge favor, and I’ll remind you about all that free beer I got you.”

Dean shrugged in agreement. That seemed fair enough.

As Jo started to work on a new order, her fellow waiter Victor joined her behind the bar, dumping some empty glasses there.

“Hey there, Dean.” He hastily nodded at Dean, then turned to Jo, giving her a conspiratorially look. “Guess what, Blue Eyes with the red rose is still sitting there at table five, looking all hopeful. Does he seriously believe that his date’s gonna show up? He’s been sitting there for over an hour, he’d best get out of here if he wants to keep some of his dignity intact.”

Jo snorted as she turned her head and followed Victor’s gaze.

Curious to see what his friends were talking about, Dean did the same, his eyes landing on the guy sitting at table five. Dean did a double take at the sight of dark tousled hair and wide, brilliant eyes. The navy blue sweater that the guy was wearing wasn’t what one would call trendy, but it somehow suited him. A single red rose was placed on the table across from said guy, clearly a present meant to welcome whoever was supposed to meet him.

At first, Dean had been too busy staring at the cute mystery guy to see what else was going on, but upon taking a better look, he noticed how everyone in the guy’s direct vicinity was giving him pitiful stares. There was a large table with a group of friends, and all of them were clearly making fun of the guy. Some were hiding their laughter, while others didn’t even bother to be polite as they eyed him with taunting smiles on their faces.

And that just wasn’t fair. Dean felt a heavy weight in his chest. The guy looked so kind, so genuine. Although his smile was slowly wavering now, and he self-consciously stared at his hands in his lap, a slight blush of embarrassment coloring his cheeks.

“Oh god, Winchester, you’ve got to be kidding me.” Jo sang loudly, breaking Dean out of his trance. “I know that look.”

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