jo likes to play with pens :d

ID #43097

Name: Jo
Age: 17
Country: Canada

Hey! My name’s Jo and I’m a Canadian girl entering my last year of highschool. I love being active and learning about new things. I’m a bit of a geography nerd, I play rugby, I wrestle, I love reading (anything good, and I’m always looking for more), being outdoors, drinking tea, and I’m learning to knit and I love it! I also love watching movies, any and all kinds, but I have a soft spot for really campy ones.
I like meeting new people and making friends and I’d love to find a long term pen-pal from somewhere else in the world with either similar or different interests they’d like to share with me about! I’m open to talking about any and all things, snail mail would be cool but email or whatsapp would be fine too :)

Preferences: I’d prefer age 17-25, but gender and country don’t matter to me