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I don’t care who you are or who you stan, you NEED TO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW.

Even if you don’t like kpop, if you have no idea who he is, please watch this.

For those of you who don’t know - this is Jo Kwon, a kpop idol; he started as a singer in a ballad group called 2AM, and he has also released solo albums. He’s always been a bit “different” in the kpop industry, he’s extremely out there and often dances to girl group songs and wears “girl” clothes. 

These past few weeks he has been a part of a show where he made a lot of cover songs, most of them of originally female performers (last week he performed a Byonce song and omg he was amazing). He has been getting a lot of hate for it, because people don’t understand him and think he’s a drag queen. He said last week that he’s not, that he’s just a performer and this is what he does - perform.

This week, on the last episode of the show, he performed Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”. You can see in his eyes how powerful the lyrics are to him (he also has that sentence tattooed on his back. And has a dog named Gaga lol). This performance is his way of saying “fuck you” to those haters. 

I love Jo Kwon with all my heart, and he keeps on inspiring me every single time. There aren’t many kpop idols like him, and he’s one of the most talented, hardworking and genuine people out there.

Please love and support him!

(and if you haven’t listened to his solo album I recommend Animal and I’m Da One because those songs are just amazing)

Kpop Male Divas | Zodiac

Aries : Heechul of Super Junior

Taurus : Seungkwan of Seventeen

Gemini : Jo Kwon of 2am

Cancer : Himchan of B.A.P

Leo : Kwang of Ze;a

Virgo : Key of Shinee

Libra : N of VIXX

Scorpio : Ren of Nu'est

Sagittarius :Jackson of Got7

Capricorn : Sungjong of Infinite

Aquarius : J-hope of BTS

Pieces : Kevin of Ukiss

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Korean Celebrities Turn Out In Full Force For Coldplay, Concert Takes Moment To Honor Sewol Ferry Victims

Korean Celebrities Turn Out In Full Force For Coldplay, Concert Takes Moment To Honor Sewol Ferry Victims

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British rock band Coldplay has stolen hearts all over the world during their decade-long career and South Korea is no exception!

Through April 15 and 16, Coldplay held concerts in Seoul Olympic Stadium with an audience of 45,000 each night. Many of these included Korean celebrity couples enjoying a date night out like Rain and Kim Tae Hee, Lee Hyori and (non-celebrity husband) Lee Sang Soon, and 

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In which Jo Kwon lays down the fucking law on his instagram account.

It saddens me to see that people have the nerve to insult him and say negative things on his own page, especially when he’s put so much effort into this amazing musical. He’s such a talented person and he has an opportunity to portray a character in one of the most renowned musicals in the world.

Why would you try to bring him down?

Me: when my outfit’s on point

Me: when I have a good comeback

Me: when I get my friend into kpop/kdramas

Me: when the teacher thinks I’m not listening but I get the question right

Me: when I say something funny and everybody laughs

Me: when I see food