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Lost (Sneak peek)

Hello lovelies! Leaving this little sneak peek here for you before I go on vacation! I won’t be online much but I’ll try to write a bit.

This one is about Jo seeing Shawn perform and meeting the whole team! Stay tuned!

“This arena is huge!“ Jo gasped, her eyes widening, looking around the empty, dimly-lit arena.

“This is crazy, oh, wow, Shawn!”

He hugged her gently from behind, strong arms around her middle.

“I know, it’s insane, I’m really nervous right now!” he mumbled against her shoulder and she turned around.

“Don’t be! You’re going to kill it! I’ll be watching from the sound booth thingy, cheering you on!”

He grinned, kissing her softly. “I’ll be looking for you,” he breathed against her cheek, hugging her, leaning her against the stage, softly kissing her neck, hands in her messy hair.

“What about a quickie before sound check, baby? You and me. Dressing room. Now?” he panted, grabbing and squeezing her ass.

Jo pushed him away. “Nope, not happening! You need to be focused and full of energy for the show!”

Shawn pouted at her. “What about after the show?”

“Now we’re talking!” Jo grinned, kissing him softly and he smiled into the kiss, running his fingers over her sides.

“Wanna see the backstage area?” Shawn asked, interlacing his fingers with hers and Jo added, smiling at him, following him backstage.

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Hi! I know they're from some time ago, but I love how you caster Karen Gillian as Beatrice and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Elizabeth Bennet in your literary meme. My favorite novel is Little Women, so if you could cast any people as the March sisters, who would you pick?

OOOOH, that’s a good one. 

Meg: America Ferrera 

Jo: Gina Rodriguez

Beth: Aimee Carrero (Beth is hard to cast! Not sure on this one, though I love Aimee.) 

Amy: Cierra Ramirez

Who else would you guys like to see as the March sisters?

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Why do you think Donnie can't fight

I don’t think he can’t?

I’m assuming this misconception comes from the fact that I hc him as a dan level below his brothers, but here’s the thing: let’s assume for a minute that ninjutsu mastery has the same number of dan as a common black belt. So ten.

If I say all his brothers are seventh dan and Donnie is sixth, that still puts him at a high level of mastery. He’s still a friggin amazing fighter.

Donnie’s highly skilled, incredibly physically fit and capable, and a master of the bo (as well as the jo and eku in one of my verses). I’ve never said he can’t fight. I’ve just said his focus is far more mental.


Magnus talking in different languages

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A Beginner’s Guide to Pentagon

A/N: Recently I’ve been speaking of helping people getting into groups and someone asked for help on how to get into Pentagon. So I have now provided everything you need before diving into this incredible group. Enjoy the ride!

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^ Get it, the ride?

General information:

Pentagon is a ten member group under Cube Entertainment which also has groups like BTOB, CLC and Hyuna (previously also 4Minute and Beast). 

They debuted on October 10th 2016 with their first mini album called ‘Pentagon’ and the title track ’Gorilla’:

On December 7th they came back with the 2nd mini album called ‘Five Senses’ and the title track ’Can You Feel It?’:

They later released an MV for another song on 'Five Senses’ called ’Pretty Pretty’: 

Pentagon maker

Before debuting, they had to go through a survival show with several challenges so they could prove themselves to be a true idol with five qualites that makes into a Pentagon: Talent, Teamwork, Mind, Dance & Performance. 

Here is a link to all the episodes subbed

Variety Shows

When it comes to variety shows, they have been on Weekly Idol (with Victon & Momoland), After School Club, Pops in Seoul and HEYO TV. 

You can find all those appearances in this YouTube playlist along with many other videos of them, most with English subtitles


Now onto member profiles, I’m not going to write thoroughly about their personalities, as I did so in this post, but I will give you their general information:  

Jo Jinho 

  • Born: April 17th 1992 
  • Height: 166cm (realistically)
  • Position: Main Vocal 
  • Formerly a member of SM the Ballad 

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Lee Hwitaek (Hui) 

  • Born: August 28th 1993 
  • Height: Ca. 174cm 
  • Position: Leader, Main Vocal 

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Yang Hongseok 

  • Born: April 17th 1994 
  • Height: Ca. 181cm 
  • Position: Lead Vocal 
  • Was a contestant on Mix & Match with iKON 

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Kim Hyojung (E'Dawn) 

  • Born: June 1st 1994 
  • Height: Ca. 173cm 
  • Position: Lead rapper, Lead dancer 
  • Has stepped in for Ilhoon in Hyuna’s Roll Deep stages 

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Go Shinwon 

  • Born: December 11th 1995 
  • Height: Ca. 184cm 
  • Position: Vocal 

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Yeo Changgu (Yeo One) 

  • Born: March 27th 1996 
  • Height: Ca. 176cm 
  • Position: Lead Vocal 

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^ft. E’Dawn to the left

Yan An 

  • Born: October 25th 1996 
  • Height: Ca. 186cm 
  • Position: Vocal 
  • He is Chinese 

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Adachi Yuto 

  • Born: 23rd of January 1998 
  • Height: Ca. 182cm 
  • Position: Main Rapper 
  • He is Japanese 

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Kang Hyunggu (Kino) 

  • Born: 27th of January 1998 
  • Height: Ca. 174cm 
  • Position: Vocal, Main Dancer, Face of the Group 

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Jung Wooseok 

  • Born: 31st of January 1998 
  • Height: Ca. 188cm 
  • Position: Main rapper, Maknae 

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Additional info

If you are looking for sources for good Pentagon content on Tumblr, I suggest you follow these blogs: 

 If you have any other questions, feel free to message me - I’m happy to help!


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