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For the Long Haul (Dean x Reader: Requested)

Requested by: emaleigh-mack

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Warnings: Some language, very little angst, fluff

Word Count: 2,454

You wiped the blood off of your samurai sword in the grass and turn to your boyfriend with a large smirk your face smug. Dean Winchester rolled his eyes as you waggled your eyebrows at him and tried not to look as impressed as he was by your take down of the last four vampires of the nest you three were exterminating. 

“Babe, just admit it monster kill of the week goes to me.” You laugh as you walk past him, hips swaying as you feel his eyes watch you. 

“She’s right Dean that was pretty amazing work. We’d still be taking out these vamps if it wasn’t for y/n.” Sam agreed, pushing his hair from his face before hi-fiving you when you hold up your hand to him. 

“It was impressive I’ll admit it, but I don’t know about monster kill of the week sweetheart.” Dean grumbled as you bumped him with your hip then hold your hand up to his face to rattle his car keys. 

“I’m driving baby tonight,” You purred and laugh at Dean’s large confused eyes when he realizes you pick pocketed him. As he reached for the keys you laughed and shook your head then continued, “You gotta be quicker than that Batman. Don’t worry though, you can buy me a few rounds of Jack when we get to the Roadhouse, then later tonight you and I can-”

“Gross y/n, I’m still here!” Sam interrupted your purring, before rolling his eyes playfully and getting into the impala. You wink at Sam, give Dean a quick peck on the lips then pinched his ass before giggling and running to the driver’s seat and revving the engine impatiently as Dean stood rubbing his ass. 

“Darlin’, I love you. But-” he started as he got into the car. 

“If I get a scratch on Baby, I’ll get a Dean Winchester bitch face, a lecture and won’t be allowed to drive her for a month. Yes I know.” you laughed and cut him off as you began driving. 

You rolled your window down and turned up the volume as Guns N’ Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle began to pour from the speakers. You tapped the steering wheel and bobbed your head to the beat before belting out the lyrics. 

“Welcome to the jungle, 

We’ve got fun ‘n’ games, 

We got everything you want, honey, we know the names,

We are the people that can find,

Whatever you may need,

If you got the money, honey,

We got your disease!”

Dean’s POV

Y/n turned up the music and Sam elbowed me lightly. 

“Dude you and y/n were definitely meant for each other, you both dork out the same way when you listen to your outdated music.” he smirked as you looked over to y/n. 

Her h/c hair was blowing around her wildly, her eyes were on the road but bright and happy. She tapped on the steering wheel and sang along before reaching back to lightly tap Sam on his head. 

“Take it back, our music is not outdated! We’re not listening to Gregorian chants here Sam.” she yelled playfully before turning down the radio as a commercial started. 

Sam just laughed and shook his head murmuring a quiet nerd. Y/n looked over at me and blushes before looking back at the road. 

“Is there something I can help you with over there handsome?” she laughed as she poked my side. 

Shit, I must’ve been staring. Ah who cares she is my girlfriend, I can stare all I want

“Maybe when we’re alone, but for now just let me look at you.” I grinned, giving her a wink as she laughed and waggled her eyebrows then gave me the blue steel face. 

“You guys are so weird.” Sam muttered as y/n parked baby and shut off the engine before rubbing the dashboard lovingly. 


You laughed at Sam quietly after thanking Baby for the good ride, opening the door you stretch your legs out and lay against the seat yawning. The bruises that surely must be there after clearing that vampire nest were starting to protest as you continued stretching each part of your body until you heard the satisfying pop. 

“Well honey, usually a quickie would be fine but in front of Ellen’s?” Dean laughed as he stands by the door of the impala. 

“Oh darn, you found me out Freckles!” You snapped your fingers in mock disappointment before sitting up and taking his hand as he helped you out of the car. 

Dean pulled you into his chest and closed the door before pressing your back against the car with his body. He slowly took your hand and searched around until he spotted the beginning signs of a bruise then kissed it, he found and kisses all the bruises on your arms and then squatted down and di the same to your stomach making you smile and relax against him. When he was content with his work you take his hand in yours and kiss each fingertip then interlock your fingers with his and kiss his chin and his lips gently before laying your head on his chest and breathing in his scent. His arms wrapped around you and held you tight as he kisses your forehead and silently thanked God or whoever made him lucky enough to have you. This was your post-hunt ritual, after each hunt you and Dean would give each other these little kisses and share an embrace just thankful that you still had each other after dealing with whatever monster you had to.

“Ready to go in Freckles?” You asked quietly after a few minutes of silence. 

Dean nodded and you smiled as he led you into the Roadhouse your hands still intertwined. 

“Dean! Y/n! Great to see ya, y/n Sam’s been telling us about your great take down in that vamp nest. Good on ya, show these boys how it’s done!” Ellen greet you and Dean with a warm smile as you beamed up at her. 

“Thank you, thank you I did manage to show Freckles over here a few moves.” You smirked playfully and nudged Dean’s side as he rolled his eyes and kisses the side of your head before strolling to the pool table. 

“Y/n, I was just telling the guys about the vamp nest. Get over here, you know no one can tell a good monster story like you.” Sam called from a table near the bar. 

“El, send over a few rounds of Jack for me yea? Deano’s buying.” You grinned at Ellen who laughed and nodded before waving you off as the phone rang. 

You sauntered over the table and began to recount the details of the stake out and the preparation for the hunt. Animated as you deepen your voice in attempts to sound like Sam or Dean and made their famous bitch faces. Ellen dropped off your drink and you downed it before giving a demonstration of the way you had to move with the sword: ducking, rolling and swinging away as the crowd of listeners grew. Ellen kept supplying drinks and the questions and storytelling kept coming, it was a good night. 

“And that my friends is why monster kill of the week goes to me.” You explain with a mock arrogance, laughing with everyone. A giggle and flash of blonde hair made you look up as you saw Jo with Dean. Jo never really warmed up to you, and that was fine with you not everyone was going to like you but Jo crept under your skin like scarab beetles. She was always touching and whispering to Dean, despite the fact that she knew you two were together. And where was the blonde now? Of course standing next to Dean who was leaning on the wall, or rather leaning on the pool table next to him with her back arched. 

“Thank you you’ve been a wonderful audience, don’t forget to tip your waitress!” You grin at the crowd as you finish your 12th drink and make your way towards the pool table. 

“…come on Freckles, just one night won’t kill her.” You heard Jo say, and quietly stood behind her watching as Dean coughed awkwardly and stutter out “Uh, what- excuse me, what?!” before noticing you were there. She put her hand on his cheek then began to lean up to kiss him and your blood quickly boiled as Dean’s eyes widened.

“Oi!” You growl out behind her, making her jump and whip around wildly. Her eyes widen as she takes you in standing there. 

“There is only one person on earth, heaven, hell or purgatory right now allowed to kiss that man or call him Freckles, and sweetheart it ain’t you.” Your eyes narrow at her as her mouth twists into an ugly frown. 

“I don’t even know what he sees in you; you’re not funny or attractive, people only listen to your stupid stories so they can watch you make a fool of yourself. You only tell those stories for attention and then on top of that you act like a man-” she began bitterly before you cut her off with a loud belch. 

“Well if I am all that you said just take into consideration that he still chooses me over you so what exactly does that mean for you Miss Harvelle?” You fold your arms across your chest and tap your chin in fake thought as you circled her in almost a predatory fashion. 

“Have a nice night Darlin’,” You called out after her as she stormed away before squeaking as Dean pulled you into his chest by your belt loop. 

“Well howdy th-” You began only to be silenced as Dean crushes his lips to yours. Your eyes shut as he turns and presses you against the wall he was leaning on, one of his hands on your hip and the other caressing your cheek. 

“I ever tell you how sexy you are when you’re mad?” He murmured as he pulled away from your lips. Your eyes flutter back open before you grin and kiss him again, your arms wrapping around his neck. 

The clicking of a gun made you turn to see Ellen with a gun aimed at you. Cocking an eyebrow you look at her with a questioning glance before Dean quickly shoves you behind him. You looked closer at the gun and noticed something looked wrong but you couldn’t put your finger on it. 

“What the hell are you doing Ellen?!” Dean yelled at her, quickly catching the attention of Sam who quickly strode over to try to diffuse the situation. 

“I will not have anyone threatening my daughter!” Ellen growled, as Jo popped her head out from behind her mother. 

A rather inappropriate giggle/snort bubbled up from your throat as you realized what was off about the gun then you slid down the wall and crouched down behind Dean. Threaten Jo? Me? Not yet, you thought and laughed again before standing up and pushing yourself in front of Dean. You put your forehead right to the barrel of the gun and looked straight into Ellen’s eyes ignoring the protests of Dean and Sam, avoiding and staying out of their grip as they tried prying you from the gun. 

“Ellen, if you honestly think I threatened your daughter shoot me dead right here right now.” You said calmly. 

“Y/n what the hell are you doing?!” Dean yelled from behind you snatching you from the barrel of the gun and pushing you into Sam who restrains you with his arms. 

“Did Jo give you a reason for my threat El?” You called out from Sam’s arms, looking pointedly at Jo who shrunk back a little from your glare. 

“If I did threaten Goldilocks over there it would be not only because she’s trying to sleep with my boyfriend, but because she attempted to insult me. She failed miserably though of course and that’s why she’s causing all this trouble. So if you want to shoot me after knowing all this shoot me!” You explained, your alcohol buzz slowly fading and instead making you tired. 

“Just get outta here.” Ellen said as she lowered the gun and turned to fix Jo with a hard scowl. 

Dean grabbed your hand and dragged you to the car, putting you in the back seat. He and Sam climbed in front then Dean pulled off quickly. The silent tension built and built until you could almost cut it with a knife. 

“Dean, look at least she’s-” Sam started as he recognized his brother’s anger. 

“Shut up Sam.” He growled quietly before pulling up into the motel parking lot. Sam looked back and threw you a look that said both 'I tried and good luck’ before climbing out of the car and into the motel to check in. 

Dean opened his door and slammed it shut making you jump and wince before you rubbed the leather seats under you then step out of the car. You walk in front of Dean and look up in attempt to get him to look at you. 

“What were you thinking?! Why would you put your head in front of the gun? What if she shot you?! Did you ever think of what that would mean for me? Or Sam? We need you, I need you! I can’t lose you y/n, I’ve already lost so many-” Dean yelled, his eyes hard then slowly softened as he gripped your shoulders. 

“Hey!” You grabbed his hand and put it over your heart so he could feel it beating. “I’m here, feel that? I’m still here and I’m not leaving you anytime soon. Ellen wasn’t going to shoot me-” you began to explain before he cut you off. 

“But she could have y/n! Don’t you understand?!” He growled and pulled his hand back from your heart. 

“She had the safety on, stupid!” You yelled, watching his eyes light up then wrinkle slightly as they soften. 

“Ellen just wanted to make Jo feel like she was protected. It was a scare tactic babe, I’m not going anywhere.” You coo gently as your hands slowly reach up and cup his face. 

“Just like I’m not going anywhere with Jo, I only want you sweetheart.” Dean mumbled into your neck as he lifted you up and sat you on the trunk before nudging your legs open. He stepped in between your leg and hugs your waist tightly before burying his head against your chest, listening to your heart beat as you smile down at him and kiss his forehead. 

“That’s right Freckles, you’re stuck with me for the long haul.” You whisper into his ear as you run your fingers through his hair. 

{Jo Harvelle Week} Day One: Favorite Quote.

I didn’t belong there! I was the freak with the knife collection!

I have always loved this quote. It made me think more what it was like for the kid of the hunter that was always with the same people, and didn’t switch school every few weeks like Sam and Dean did. I thought that it developed her character more, and made me sympathize for her.