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↳To the amazing @kickasskittypryde on her Birthday! Happy Birthday Jo, may your birthday be as wonderful as you are! I hope you like. As always please like or reblog if you use one.

Credit to Ngozi for the amazing webcomic.

installation for non iphones under the cut.

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romanarcadia  asked:

I don't know if this is okay, but can you thank Jay for me? His revelation about coming out with Ultimate Storytime in your pride video had me sobbing. I haven't seen someone like that, who uses he/him and she/her like I do, and the way he talked about feeling alone really resonated. I want to thank him for being so open about it bc listening to that, I finally stopped feeling alone.

That’s so wonderful!!! You shouldn’t feel alone, and I’m so happy Jo was there to share his story. I had no idea he was as uncomfortable with himself when we started that show, and the people in each audience… I mean, they truly made him feel celebrated, and that was such a beautiful thing to see every night. I’m so glad that happened, and I know he would want you to know you’re not alone. @jayisjo, take a look at this, you sweetheart.