‘I hate endings’

‘ We’re all stories, in the end… just make it a good one, eh?’

Sorry that the last 2 gifs aren’t side by side, I couldn’t ‘add another photo’ so I had to put them as photos in the text.

So in the Gallifrey audio Annihilation, the Borusa of an alternate Gallifrey is played by Katy Manning. But since pretty much every single other character that appears in alternate Gallifreys is played by their original actor, AND Engines of War confirmed that Borusa was a woman at least once, it’s totally fair to assume that the Borusa of the Doctor’s universe had a Katy Manning body.

So imagine Jo Grant getting annoyed and snapping at the Doctor and/or the Master, and them jumping out of their skin because for half a second she was the spitting image of their old ultra-strict academy tutor.


My entry for @classicwhosecretsanta. This is for you @3rddoctor! Thank you for requesting “cute domestc fluff” as a genre because, as it happens, that’s my absolute favourite thing to draw.

Bonus: Some Jo sketches because I needed to figure out how to draw her. The fact that I’d never drawn Jo before is frankly criminal because she’s great!