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BOTW is One of the LEAST Sexist Games I’ve Played.

SPOILERS!!! There’s a lot of conversation online about sexism in video games. It’s definitely a conversation worth having. I like video games, I like women, and some video games are over sexualized to their detriment. To me, the Legend of Zelda DOES NOT fall into that category. It does, how ever, feature a storyline that repeatedly involves a man rescuing a princess. I’m not going to defend or attack the plot of older Zelda games. I think they’re amazing. You can disagree. I am going to defend Breath of the Wild. I’ve seen people online say that the game is sexist because it’s about a man rescuing a princess. If you actually play the game, and THINK, you’ll realize that the game is not about that.

I’m just going to talk about Zelda, and her role in the plot. At the beginning of the game Link, the guy who usually rescues the captured princess Zelda, wakes up. He’s been asleep because Ganon practically killed him. Zelda made sure he was ok and hid his sword from Ganon. Then Zelda confronts and seals Ganon while she waits for Link to heal, get stronger, and come kill Ganon. Zelda is not captured. She goes to seal Ganon in the castle because she wants to protect Hyrule.

Right out of the gate, the player character has been rescued by Zelda. Zelda has been holding her own against the villain who practically killed Link, and she’s done so for one hundred years. She saved the world. Ganon was going to kill everyone, and Zelda stopped him.

In the game Link gets stronger, figures his stuff out, and goes to fight Ganon (this is the speed run version of the plot). In the final battle Zelda weakens Ganon and shows link his weak points. If Link has completed the Divine Beast quests two female characters are using magic to defeat Ganon (one of those female characters is part of a tribe of women warriors).

In Breath of the Wild Zelda is not a damsel in distress. She is strong, she rescues the player character, captures the enemy for one hundred years, and is essential in his defeat.

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Thanks, Jo

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i love your blog, how do you manage to keep up with all of your tv shows haha?

Thank you so much! ♥ x

I use this app to track my tv shows. I remember someone posted it in a facebook based tumblr network and i’ve been using it for more than a year now. If you’re a TV show fan, like me, this app is amazing for you!

It has some great features:
you can mark episodes you’ve watched and it will tell you how many episodes you have left.

you can see comments after every episode and vote for your favorite character of that episode

you also get badges depending on your binge watching skills

and get interesting stats like these and you can compare them with your friends

These are some of my faves but there are many more.

If you want to do f4f, here is my profile: i follow back everyone. :)

sarlyne  asked:

Your blogging today got me into looking up choice of games/ rpg text adventures and oooooh my god! :DDD I don't know where to start, there seem to be so many cool stories around!

They’re so great, aren’t they? :D  I loved choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks as a kid, and so you can imagine how delighted I was to come across Choice of Games. (also I really love that you can play as gay/straight/bi/pan/ace, and male/female/nonbinary; that you can make a character who looks like you and has the kind of relationships you would want to have.)

In terms of where to start, some of my favourites are:

- Choice of Broadsides: where you play a young midshipman or -woman in the Age of Sail, dealing with mutinous shipmates, incompetent seniors, the marriage market, those damned Frenchies, etc.  Sadly the ending I want, where you get to run off with your French frenemy and become lesbian privateers in the Caribbean, doesn’t seem to exist, but other than that it’s absolutely captivating.

- Affairs of the Court: about sleeping your way to the top and staying there in magical AU 16th-century Spain.  I’m not at all cut out for that sort of ruthless scheming, and found myself doing what I always complain about in bad historical fiction, i.e. wanting to marry for love rather than my family’s advancement, but it’s tremendously fun to see just how wicked you can be - and how much you can get away with.

- The Eagle’s Heir: steampunk Napoleonic intrigue, where you play the companion and bodyguard of Napoleon’s illegitimate son, and try to put him on the throne of France.  I really enjoy Jo Graham’s Numinous World writing, and am so glad to see that she’s done something for CoG.

- Choice of the Deathless: this is the one you liked the fanart of!  It’s secondary-world urban fantasy; you play a newly qualified corporate lawyer in a world where contracts bind with magic, where your clients and colleagues are wannabe-artist demons with beautiful voices and immortal wizards, where rats and ravens replace email and dreams/scrying videoconferencing, where HR literally want documents signed in blood and you literally owe law school your soul in student debt.  It’s really cute and imaginative and fun and has a love scene written entirely around the fact that the English language lacks a plural form of ‘you’.  And if you enjoy it, there’s a whole series of books - the Craft Sequence - set in the same universe! (start with Three Parts Dead, which takes another baby lawyer and throws her into a murder mystery involving a dead god.  You don’t have to read/play one to enjoy the other, but I find that the books make sense of the world, and the quieter, smaller game makes sense of the Craft.  and one of the game characters - your Draco Malfoy-esque rival Ashleigh Wakefield - appears in Four Roads Cross!)

But there are plenty of others I’d recommend, e.g. Creatures Such As We, Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Robots and Neighbourhood Necromancer. (you may have to be British to really get that last one, but I loved how perfectly it captures the smallminded dreariness of 80s suburbia.  Imagine Black Swan Green with added zombies, and that’s Neighbourhood Necromancer.)

Lastly, I also have to mention a couple of the ones in progress; When In Rome….. (which I’ve posted about here; basically you get to hang around with a very thinly-disguised Martial and write terrible poetry) and Guenevere, where you play the Queen and try to prevent the downfall of Camelot.  Everyone in it is so likeable and your choices genuinely make a difference to how they treat you; I can’t wait for more but am dreading the inevitable tragic ending.

#tagamemnon definitely needs to come together and write an ancient Rome-themed game, though.  perhaps something where you play a love elegist and try not to get yourself exiled??

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Jo you are the cutest most pure person on this site I swear

I preface this with the promise that we are normal people:

5. This is how 80% of our conversations go

4. that time we had a great idea for a new film

3. That time I got a heartfelt confession

2. That time I threatened to block her

1. And that time I did

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