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so, i recently hit 900+ followers and wanted to do something special!! i’ve followed many amazing people over the past few months and hope they do amazing things in their lives!! <33



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i know i said i was gonna post this if i got to a thousand followers but i wanted to do it early so ye

Hey frens! I made this blog not a very long time ago, but I have so many amazing followers and friends already, so I think that this is a great time to do my first Follow Forever. I’m so happy with all of you guys that help me everyday reblogging my posts, sending me amazing questions, stories… You guys are always helping me, more than you’ll ever know.

So here I’ll put the blogs that are in my heart forever, people that are real friends. I don’t know what I would do without all of you… Thank you so much for all the love and support. I love you all.

(in bold you will find my favorite people/blogs)

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@21-pantaloons, @21pgifs, @21pilotsgifs, @21p

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@acciojoshler, @addict-with-a-fist, @anahthema, @alientylerr, @alienmaskjosh, @alltimetimelady, @areafiftydun, @badlydrawntop, @beanboyjoseph, @a-bleedingtrapdoor, @blryyface, @blurrydreamer, @blurryfaceinspace, @blurryfacedfren, @blurryfacesquad, @blurryjoshua, @bulletproofatbest, @capriduns, @caradio, @cliquedun, @commandercosima, @crradio, @currentlysittinginsilence

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@davidthedad, @death-of-the-enemy, @depresssssingthoughtsss, @dislap, @doebt, @dronesforhands, @doubtingpilots, @dunflower, @dunfetti, @dunplease, @dunpling, @duns-for-hands, @dunshine, @duntective, @dunwithdjspookyjim, @dunwithmydoubtt, @elsesdreams, @emotionalphanintended, @emotionalroadcrew, @fairly-local, @fairlylocaldun, @fairlyadequatequails, @fairlylocalpilots, @falloutyler, @fearthenightt, @flightlessatbest, @flossieboo, @flowerydun, @forest-chorus, @foxstar1231, @fight-through-the-droughts

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@galaxyjishwa, @gaybees, @glowingvessel, @glowinngeyes, @goner, @greasyjoshler, @guns-to-a-fist, @guns2fists, @handsomedun, @harrystylesismynumber1, @heathen-machine, @heathenpilots, @heavydirtygifs, @heavydirtys0ul, @heathensjoseph, @helpmepolarize, @holding-onto-slowtown, @holdingnotoyou, @holdingontovessel, @houseofdun, @i-am-inside-out, @igniteit, @im-semi-problematic, @im-soo-dun, @implicit-demand-for-frens, @imtheleadsinger, @inaskeletonclique, @insignificant-trashcan, @irisdun, @isleofsleeplessbirds, @itsthepilotslife

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@jawshdun, @jcsephsdun, @jennathecliquemom, @jishuasun, @jennajoseqh, @jishwajosephh, @jishwasbeard, @josephanddun, @josh-dunned, @josephwdun, @joshdhn, @joshdun-alienboy, @joshdun-withit, @joshdunforlife, @joshdunpictures, @joshguns, @joshdunhunn, @joshler, @joshsbestfren, @josh1ersmut, @justasadtrashcan, @justjennajoseph, @kingofallthingsz, @kissyfacehowell, @lanebean, @laney-boy, @lemonclique, @livefree-livehappily, @lovesickdun, @lowkeytyler, @lulu2445

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@misery-local, @missyelyahwilliams, @misterwifes, @mutanttkids, @my-brain-is-sick-but-thats-okay, @my-name-is-blurry-face, @myfriendjosh, @no-dun-intended, @no-phun-lntended, @nophu-n, @nophunintendun, @ode–to–sleep, @odetoblurryface, @odetobrokenpeople, @odetojebby, @odetoscreeen, @odetoslep, @odetotheheathens, @odetotylerrjoseph, @ofheathen, @oh-ms-believr, @ohiodun, @ohmissdun, @ohmsglowingeyes, @ohmyjennajoseph, @okayfrens, @one-more-time-with-feelings, @oneanddun, @ouchtyler, @ourgraine, @ohlovelypantaloon

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@vessal, @vesselblurryface, @vesselof, @vsseel, @vssl, @wdbwotv, @weareaddictswithapen, @whateverdun, @whydun, @wentzed, @xblxrryfxcex, @you-are-lovelyy, @youareoutofmymind, @your-aestheticblog

Special thanks:

These people below are literally the reason why I’m still here. They are always helping me so much and making me smile everyday. These people are so kind and good that it’s impossible to not love and respect them. In these blogs you’ll find safety, kindness and friends, because they are really special and I’m glad that I can say they are in my life somehow, and of course, they are forever in my heart. Thank you each one of you for making everyone feel loved and safe… And for being such awesome people. The world needs more people like you. This fandom, the real clique, is made by people like you: that didn’t forget how to be gentle and how to love and respect. Thank you so much for everything. I support and love you.

And of course, they have AMAZING blogs!

  • @joshyface
  • @rester-en-vie-pour-moi-fren
  • @padmepilots
  • @fairlyathletic-quails
  • @random-clever-username
  • @ourhometown
  • @bulletforthefew
  • @deathshands
  • @watduidu
  • @doubtjoseph
  • @secretlife-ofdaydreams
  • @strxngxer
  • @multifandomasfuckk
  • @fallenoutromance
  • @tru–ce
  • @badl4nder
  • @twentydun
  • @kaykaymolly

P.S.: Sorry if I forgot anyone. There are a lot of blogs! I love you all! Don’t forget that.