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Zach Fucale #1

Requested by Anon:  I love your writting! I was wondering could u write something about Zach Fucale? something cute like a lazy morning together?

*Hiii! Thank you so much! I hope you like this one. Rather short but I swear it’s sweet and cute. :) Enjoy!!*

Word count: 773

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Why does it feel like it’s still six in the morning when your body clock is telling you that it’s almost noon? Rolling on your back, you reached for your phone to look at the time and, true enough, it’s eleven thirty-eight. Groaning, you pushed the covers off and started to sit up.

You haven’t even straightened when an arm gripped your waist and pulled you back into the bed, trapping you with his leg and arm. 

Zach nuzzled his nose against your neck and murmured sleepily, “where you goin?”

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"Sometimes we got to tie him up to the bed and he'll get better when he's tied down." - a real thing huberdeau said of drouin to a reporter during WJC 2013

I hate that article. Sometimes I can’t believe that Jonathan Drouin is a real life hockey playing boy who goes around kissing boys and being tied to the bed by his roomies so he’ll behave

anonymous asked:

hey, wanna give me a mini primer on jo/nate? because i see you post a lot about it and i wanna know more!

Ohhhh man anon okay buckle in. A primer on the history of Jonathan Drouin and Nathan Mackinnon, ex-teammates, best friends, and soulmates.

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Top 5 favourite Jo/Nate moments?

I’m not going to include anything that’s happened at the World Cup because I feel like I’ve talked about it too damn much so. Juniors Jo/Nate moments:

1. Winning the Memorial Cup…….

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But, I love you (N.M+S.W) warnings*(It’s pretty long so be aware of that but other than that I hope you enjoy!)

Sammy’s P.O.V.

I waited outside for Megan to get back home from work. I knew she always had a few bags to carry up the steps so I wanted to be here to help her. About fifteen minutes later I see her pull up in her 2015 all black Camaro. I walk over to her as she’s getting out. “Hey Megan.” I greet her.

“Hey Sammy!” She smiled as she pulled me into a hug. “How are you?” She asked with that sweet, angelic voice that I adore.

“Good, Good.” I reply. She went to grab her bags from the backseat. “Here, let me help you babe.” I grabbed the bags from her hands, our finger tips brushing, sending a wave of electricity through my body. She just looked up at me and smiled.

“Thank you Sammy.” She said. Then she said the one thing that always tore me to pieces. “Is Nate home?” She looked back at me with hopeful eyes. I forced a smile before telling her that he was. The look of happiness and love on her face pained me. She was halfway up the stairs when she turned around and asked, “You coming Sammy boy?” I snapped back to reality,

“Oh, uh yeah I’ll be right up.” She walked over to grab her bags from me. “I can help you with that.” I said.

“It’s okay Sammy, I got it.” she smiled and made her way up to the apartment that she shared with me, Nate, and John. I stood outside for a few minutes just thinking to myself. Why did I have to be so in love with her? Why did I have to be so in love with my best friends girlfriend?

Megan’s P.O.V.

I walk inside and kick my heels off before setting my bags on the floor. I sigh with exhaustion and make my way to the fridge, searching for a bottle of water. “Ah, there it it.” I say aloud to myself, grabbing the water bottle I put there this morning. As I’m looking through the mail I feel a familiar pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind. 

“I missed you lil mama.” Nate mumbled into my neck as he lightly kissed it. I smile to myself before turning around.

“I missed you too Nate.” I said before pulling him into a kiss. I was going to pull away but he grabbed my waist tighter, pulling me back in for a deeper kiss. His hands traveled down to my butt, giving it a playful smack. “Nate!” I yelled in surprise against his lips. He bit his lip and smirked.

“You know you like.” He smirked before placing sweet kisses under my ear, then lightly nipping at my neck. My eyes flutter shut at the feel of his plump lips on my smooth skin. His hands run up and down my sides as he starts sucking on the skin below my ear, surely making a mark. I tilt my head back slightly to give him better access, letting out a soft moan as he continues to suck on my sweet spot.

“Nate, we have to stop.” I sigh, lightly pushing him off of me. He brings his face to mine before kissing my lips once more. His hands once again travel down to my butt and gently give it a squeeze. “Nateeee” I whine against his lips.

“Ugh, really guys? Like we don’t see enough of you two groping each other.” I pull away from Nate, slightly embarrassed that someone walked in on us.

“Sorry bro, it’s not easy to keep your hands of someone like Megan.” Nate turned his attention back to me, and winked. I smile at him before turning around,

“Sorry Sammy.” I said. He nodded his head while rolling his eyes. Sighing, I turn back to Nate, “Babe, I’m gonna go take a shower.” I peck his lip one last time before heading up the stairs. I made sure to apologize once again to Sammy as I passed him. He just mumbled something I couldn’t understand before walking to sit down on the couch. What was up with him? He’s usually in a pretty good mood. I shake it off and  walk upstairs to take my much needed shower.

Nate’s P.O.V.

I smirk to myself as I plop down on the couch, getting ready to roll one. “What you smiling about?” Sam asks me. I smile again before replying.

“Megan bro, damn how’d I get so lucky?” I light the blunt that’s placed between my fingers, bringing it to my lips and inhaling.

“Yeah, how’d you get so lucky.” Sam mumbled under his breath.

“What was that?” I asked turning my attention to him. He shook his head,

“Nothing.” I just nodded my head, exhaling the smoke from my lips. Sam got up and went to his room without saying a word. I inhaled once more before trying to find something to watch on Netflix.  About half an hour later Megan came down.

“Damn babe.” I bite my lip as I check out her body in a pair of leggings that hugged her ass perfectly, and a v-neck that gives a perfect view of her cleavage. She smiles and blushes slightly at my comment. I motion for her to come sit on my lap. “Come here lil ma.” I grab her waist as she straddles my lap. I smile up at her and start caressing her sides before pressing my lips to her cheery flavored ones. I travel my hands to her butt and let  them rest there. She pulls away from the kiss.

“You really love my ass don’t you?” She asked with that gorgeous smile of her’s plastered on her face. 

“You know I do baby girl.” I bite my lip as my hands make there way up to the sides of her chest. “Hey Megan?” I ask her.

“Yes babe?” She asks as she climbs off, plopping her self down beside me on the couch.

“I’m hungryyyyyy” I whine. She shakes her head and laughs before replying.

“What do you want baby.” She asks while pushing some of my hair out of my face.

“can you make me brownies?” I look  at her with puppy dog eyes.

“of course babe.” She got up and went to the kitchen. I leaned back against the couch and let my eyes rest while I waited for her to come back.

Megan’s P.O.V.

I open the fridge to get the ingredients for brownies such as milk and eggs. I grab the milk and search for the eggs. I realize we’ve ran out of eggs. “Nate I’m gonna run to the store real quick to get eggs.” I grab my hoodie of the couch and zip it up before sitting down to put on my white, high top converse.

“Aight lil mama, be back soon.” Nate winked at me. I smiled before continue to put my shoes on.

“Hey Megan, where you going?” I turn around to the sound of someones voice.

“Oh,hey Sammy. I’m gonna run to the store real quick for eggs.” I answer.

“I can come with you if you want. It’s probably not the safest thing to go out by yourself this late.”  I smile at his offer.

“Yeah that’d be great.” I get up and and me and Sam head out the door. On our way out where greeted by John.

“Hey guys, where you going?” He asks before pulling me into a hug.

“Where running to the store real quick, we’ll be back soon.” He smiles and nods his head.

“Aight, see you too later.” He walks inside and me and Sam continue our way out of the building. 

Sammy’s P.O.V.

I wanted to tell Megan how I felt. I knew she was happy with Nate and I didn’t want to fuck up their relationship because of my selfishness. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t just not say anything and continue to be miserable. I thought for a moment before deciding to just tell her. I take a deep breath before finally speaking up. “Hey Megan, there’s something I need to tell you” I ask shakily. She stops in her tracks and turns to face me.

“Whats up?” She looks up at me. God her eyes are beautiful. “What was that?” Oh God, did I just say that out loud?

“Nothing,nothing, it’s just there’s something Iv’e been meaning to tell you for a long time now.”  I say.

“Oh, um alright. Is everything okay?” She asks sweetly.

“Yeah,yeah it’s just, Megan, I, uh, I love you.” She looks at me shocked, not knowing what to say. I grab her hands. “I love you so much baby girl, I have for so long now I -”

“Sam.” She cuts me off, still looking at me with shock and confusion. “Sam I love Nate, I cant Sam.” She pulls away from me and slightly backs up.

“Megan I can’t help the fact that I’m in love with you. I have been since you started dating Nate. I love you. I get jealous when I see how happy he makes you, because I want to  be the one who makes you smile. Megan I-”

“Sam please stop you know I love Nate. Sam pl-”

“No Megan, I love you and I want you to know that.” I slowly back her up into the wall, one hand on her waist, the other caressing her cheek.

“Sam.” She pleads.

“Let me show you how much I love you.” I say before leaning in to kiss her.

Megan’s P.O.V.

“Sam!” I try to push him off me but his grip is to strong. This is so wrong. I love Nate. He pulls away. “Why would you do that!” I yell at him. 

“Because Megan, I love you.” He leans in again.

“Sam please stop!” I beg as I try to push him off me. He doesn’t listen, just continues to lean in.

“Hey babe you forgot your k-” 

“Nate!” I slip out of Sam’s grip and run over to Nate.

“Bro what the fuck are you doing with my girl.” Nate questions. He lets go of me and starts walking towards Sam.

“Nate, wait.” I grab his arm trying to pull him back. 

“Bro what the fuck you think you doing touching her!” Nate yells harshly.

“Babe, please, lets just go inside.” I plead once more, this time putting my hands on his chest to get him to stop. He looked down at me and placed a soft kiss to my lips. “I’ll be right back baby,just go wait inside for me.” He told me softly. John came out to see what was going on and was standing in the door frame. Sam finally spoke up.

“Look bro I know your with her, but I can’t help the fact that I’m madly in love with her.” Nate just looks down and runs his hands through his hair in aggravation. Sam smirks before adding,

“Besides she deserves someone better than you.” Nate looks up.

“The fuck is that supposed to mean!” He yelled.

“She deserves someone better than a stoner like you!” Sam yelled in irritation. I could feel Nate tense up.

“Babe come on lets just go back inside.” He sighs in defeat. He glares at  Sam before grabbing my hand, leading me back inside. Just before we walk through the door, Sammy adds,

“You know i could fuck you better Megan.” With that, Nate turns back around, walking back towards Sam. He pushes him roughly before grabbing him by the collar. 

“Lets take this outside bro.” He told him harshly.

“Nathan!” I didn’t want him to do this. I know he’d regret it. John pulled me back by the waist. “John.” I plead, looking up at him with tears in my eyes. He sighs.

“I know Megan,I know. Lets go back inside.” He pulls me inside as I look back to see Nate dragging Sammy outside. He gently pulls me inside and I lay down on the couch. I didn’t know how I felt. I was sad, confused, hurt and mad. I could’t help but cry. I lay there crying as John sat next to me awkwardly, not knowing what to do. As I started crying harder he rubbed my back and told me that everything was gonna be okay. Half an hour later I had calmed down and was just laying on the couch enjoying the free back rub. The sound of the door shutting got my attention. I sat up as Nate came and sat down next to me. I look up at him to see he has a cut under his eye, a bloody nose, and one side of his face was a dark shade of purple.

“Babe, I’m sorry.” He grabbed my waist but I pushed him off and got up. “Megan.” He pleaded.

“I don’t want to talk to you right now Nate.” With that said I walked upstairs into Nate and I’s shared bedroom, and climbed in bed. Fifteen minutes later Nate walked into the room and came over to his side of the bed. He grabs his pillow and a blanket. I sit up. “what are you doing?” I ask.

“I know you don’t want to talk to me right now so I thought you’d want me to sleep on the couch.” He said softly.

“I don’t want you to sleep on the couch Nate.” I pulled the covers on his side of the bed down, motioning for him to lay down. He put his pillow back on the bed and climbed in next to me. We lay facing each other in silence for a few moments before I bring my hand up to lightly caress his cheek. I broke the silence and asked, “What happened to Sam?” 

“He’s okay baby I promise. He went to sleep at his sisters place for the night.” I nodded my head in response. “I’m sorry Megan, we’ll work this out, okay?” He mumbled into my shoulder,giving it a few kisses here and there. 

“I know, it’s going to be so awkward now with Sam though.” Nate whispered an “I know” before bringing his lips to mine, kissing me.

“I love you.” He said softly against my lips. I smiled.

“I love you to Nathan.” I kissed him once more before he moved his head down to my chest, laying his head there. I run my fingers through his hair to help him fall asleep. I love this boy more than words can describe. I know we’d find a way to make things right with Sammy, but for now, I wanted to savor  this moment with the love of my life. Nathan Montgomery Maloley. The boy who has my heart.


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