RWBY V5 “Must Have“s:

- Oscar in the opening

- The promised LGBT Character(please be Oscar and let him have a very gay crush in some guy from Haven)

- Yang punching/hugging Ruby

- RWBY reunion

- Blake & Yang vs Adam

- Oscar vs Hazel

- Qrow/Winter or Ironwood vs Watts

- Oscar using Ozpin’s cane and having Ozpin’s powers

- Qrow drunk

- Cinder redemption Arc

- WTF happened to Glynda and team CFVY

- All out battle at Haven

- Team JNR group hug

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Do you think Cap, Thor, and Ironman will get fourth movies or will they leave them all as trilogies?

I believe the Russos said ‘Civil War’ was the end to the Captain America trilogy but ‘Captain America’ is easily the strongest Marvel franchise so far and there are plenty of stories to adapt for a fourth movie. If ‘Ragnarok’ succeeds in reinventing the Thor franchise then the same goes for that. Less so for Ironman but we all know Downey Jnr wants Ironman 4. The only issue here is crowding, it would result in too many movies and not enough time to make them all in. There are lots of new characters being introduced that will also need sequels (Spider-man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, GotG, Ant-man, Avengers), if Captain America, Thor, and Ironman also get them then Phase 4 could end up being all sequels. Plus there are other characters waiting for their turn. For those reasons they probably won’t get 4th movies but, particularly for Captain America, it feels like ending a series in it’s prime. 

Twenty-year-old Charles Manson is photographed with his first wife, Rosalie Willis, on their wedding day in 1955. Though he’d had a troubled adolescence young Charlie was determined to go clean, and quickly moved Rosalie to Los Angeles with him so he could support her. However, old habits die hard; Charlie was soon caught hotwiring cars and peddling drugs, and sent down for a three year stretch in 1956. Rosalie was a few months pregnant with his child, and she promptly separated from Manson and moved in with a truck driver. She gave birth to a son she named Charles Milles Manson, Jnr (‘Little Charlie’ as his father once affectionately referred to him) and finalised her divorce in 1958.


Just some of my fidget toys/stim toys from my collection (tumblr won’t let me add any more photos, and I can’t access all of them to take a big photo!). My collection is a lot bigger than this (and I plan to show more in the future), but here is a few for now!

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RWBY Vol. 4 Ch. 12

How many times is this show going to make me cry? Like, I’m not comfortable with this at all.

• It’s about to go down, guys.

• This Nuckelavee for real reminds me of that thing from CTCD and I just want it dead. Please. (“Return the slab”)

•Ren’s semblance is awesome.

•Qrow/Jaune wtf did that look even mean?

•Oh crap, their asses are getting handed to them on platinum platters.


•Stop screeching, man. It’s not that serious.

•Ren’s rage scares me. Like, honestly scares me. He, as I’ve noticed, gets a kind of one track mind when he’s angry and doesn’t think clearly so he starts getting a little reckless. And that’s so unlike him.


•My baby did that self sacrifice for her man ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

•Ren low key peeped and Nora low key liked it. Don’t lie. We all saw that smirk.

•That thing did not just throw her like a ragdoll

•Oh, shit. He’s losing it again. Don’t touch his girl or he goes nuts.

•Yeah, Ren. Chill. You’re getting more wounds than necessary.

•Ren, please take a moment to calm yourself and think rationally

•Damn, I felt that slap.

•I love Nora’s progression from when she was a child. She was so scared and dull. Now, she’s still scared, but she’s also so vibrant and more confident. Proof that things 100% can get better.

• On another note, I think Ren’s kind of finally seeing her as a young adult that doesn’t necessarily need saving. I think he still saw her as that scared, defenseless kid from years ago. Like, he needed to protect her. I think now he sees that she can protect him too if they work together. But I’m pretty sure he knew that the whole time. I don’t know. These thoughts are jumbled.

•Papa Ren’s knife ❤

•Her hand ❤

•Team RNJR strategy time!!!!!!!!!

•I love how teamwork skills have progressed through the series. Like, Jaune still needs help and Ren supported him because he knows his leader still has a long way to go.

•Nora, wtf?


•Ren’s getting serious. Back up guys. Give him some room

•Ren: Lol, did you think that pterodactyl screech would scare me?

•YES, REN. KILL THE BEAST. That inner monologue gave me a reason to be at peace

•Speaking of, I’m glad that Ren can set him mind at ease.

•Don’t ask why, but I thought Qrow disappeared because he would do some backwards shit like that.

•Where’d these airships come from?????? Who called you????? Who has service out here????

•Oh, makes sense.

•Baby Qrow is gonna live, guys

•Mistral really is beautiful (Lol, I don’t remember who posted it and I’m going to find out when I’m done here, but they’d said that if Ren, Nora, and Pyrrha stayed, and Jaune had been from Anima and stayed, they’d all be at Haven. So what made them all go to Beacon (how did Renora even get there?) Just something to think about. I promise to cite as soon as I’m done if I can find the post again 😅) Update: the user is Sunder-the-gold

•IT’S CANON. MY BABIES ARE CANON. They didn’t need a kiss to be canon and I just love that. Boop is playing. This is perfect. I hope Jaune starts teasing them in V5. I think this is good way to start making up for Pyrrha’s death. Key word: start. You’re not done until she’s back in the flesh.

•Oh… Rubes… she’s left already… babes, honey

•Weiss is finally getting out of here!!!!!!

•Baby Blake!!!! (F the new WF)

•Yang upgrade afffffffff

•Poor Tai. Both of his babies are gone again.

•Zwei is life.


•Jaune, baby it’s gonna be okay. I promise. (They’re playing Cold. I’m officially done.)

•Aw, it’s a little memorial now with Papa Ren’s knife.

•Team JNR cuddle and mourn time.

•(I’m pretty sure Nora and Ren share a bed, if I’m not mistaken…)


•Old WF for life!!!!! I love the look they share

•Is that Menagerie???? Sure looks like it kind of. SHE’S GOING FOR BLAKE

•I’m still confused about Oscar. I want to learn more

•Ilia, WF spies, fuck you

•Cinder, fuck you, too. (I still think we should her for human transmutation so we can bring back Pyrrha)

•Don’t say lost, Ruby. Please.

•Ruby is so strong. I love her to pieces ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

•Qrow’s dry humor is great

•Oh, shit. She’s going for Ruby and not Blake… great! (Lol, I think she’ll be the one to tease Renora instead ;3333)

•This letter drove me to tears

•Oh, hell no


Now, we have to wait for the soundtrack and V5 in Fall… I can’t wait that long. Please. Please no.

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Why do you think Albus wanted to be so different from his Dad?

Because his dad was the legendary Harry Potter, saviour of the wizarding world, and that’s a huge legacy to shoulder. Albus didn’t have the confidence or force of personality that his brother and sister have, so Harry’s fame and legend overwhelmed him. He arrived at Hogwarts, and everyone saw him as Harry’s son rather than as an individual. And then he had to cope with their disappointment and hostility when he wasn’t Harry jnr.

That led to resentment towards Harry. Harry and Albus are tight in their first scene together. Albus trusts him, they hug with genuine affection. It’s only after Albus starts at Hogwarts that things go wrong. Albus blames his social and academic failure on Harry. He wishes his dad wasn’t someone famous, someone everyone admires and sees as fearless and perfect. He wishes he could just be himself, rather than Harry Potter’s son. (Sort of like Harry wished he could just be Harry rather than the famous Harry Potter or the Chosen One.) Then Albus reads Harry’s distress over his unhappiness as disappointment in Albus as a person, and that hurts the most. It gives him an excuse to turn all his pain and anger against Harry (which is always the safe option. It’s easier to feel anger towards those we love, those we know will always be there no matter how poorly we behave. And it echoes Harry’s teenage behaviour, how he took his pain out on Ron and Hermione, who were basically his family and thus safe.)

Basically, Albus just wanted to separate himself entirely from Harry. He wanted to be his own person, to rid himself of all the baggage that goes along with being Harry’s son. (There’s a reason there are so many suitcases on the stage.) By the end of the play, he’s seen who Harry really is and Harry’s seen him back. He’s witnessed what Harry experienced (outside of history books) and sees his dad as a man who survived incredible trauma, rather than a faultless hero. A man who isn’t fearless and perfect and demanding, but someone who is struggling and flawed. As human. As his dad who loves and accepts him. “So you’re saying, am I like you?” Albus says that line with a hopeful expression. By that point he’s come around to wanting to be like Harry. (And Jamie/Harry’s smile when he hears that line is one of my top favourite moments in the play.)

He’s also been “tested” and passed, which gives him pride, confidence and a stronger sense of himself as an individual. He doesn’t need to separate from Harry to feel like his own person anymore.


You can pray. You can imagine the four of you together, happy and whole. Some call it visualization, I guess. I – I call it faith. And it’s been my most powerful ally, the most powerful medicine I’ve ever had in my life. I mean, it’s – it’s given me my future. It will give you yours, too. We can do it together, okay?