Metalgarurumon nya keren bgt cosplaynya di Jiyuu Matsuri. Dan yg ini detailnya canggih beeeud. Sayangnya cosplayer nya habis perform langsung lepas kostum nya T,T padahal belom foto bareng tuh :’( hiks hiks #JIMAT14 #digimon #cosplayer #DKD

A little different than my normal postings-  I’ve been working as an illustrator at the incredible studio David Korins Design in NYC the past couple of months and its been a wonderful new experience,  These scenic concept postings will be few and far in between but I get to share with you the concept work for PBR’s Project Pabst 2014 that happened last month in Portland.  This rendering was for the Barcade in the festival.  How can you go wrong with a barcade? you cant.

Dark Knight Daycare

Im going to open up a day care center for children who have lost their parents in tragic accidents.  It will be called Dark Knight Daycare.  At DKD me and a team of counselors are going to train these children to be super heroes like Batman and Robin.

★ "@BeingSalmanKhan, like a true man, had the guts to stand by a transgender having me as a guest on Dus ka Dum." -Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Sun Nov 13 2011

Laxmi, who has been actively advocating her cause for 12 years now, had her first brush with reality TV via Salman’s show ‘Dus ka Dum’, followed by the controversial 'Sach Ka Saamna’ two years ago and now Bigg Boss.

“Salman Khan, like a true man, had the guts to stand by a transgender having me as a guest on Dus ka Dum. By taking up Bigg Boss I wanted to show that even a transgender can live a normal life with love and harmony, they need not be treated differently,” Laxmi said over the phone from Mumbai.

“I thought people need to be told the truth about us, so appeared on Sach ka Saamna. I have done all the controversial reality shows,” she added.

everything is exhausting and i wanna run to him so bad

it’s becoming some sort of a habit of mine, to turn to him whenever i’m feeling down. not really a very healthy one i guess. i can’t help it, though.

still, i held back. so many things are weighing him down recently and strong though he is, i just can’t bring myself to burden him even more with my own problems. not again.

this headache is killing me.

i should turn in early.