SUPERNATURAL in the “CW’s 2016 Fall Extended Sizzle Reel” (x)

Is no one going to mention how Ryota is turning into a hope junko without him realising it? I mean, He’s not only trying to erase junko’s brainwashing with literally just more brainwashing, but he also used it to make asahina and the rescue squad do whatever he told them to (turning them into some sort of brainless slaves for unknown time)…

Just like a certain someone did with the reserve course and all of her followers…

He’s forcing the entire planet to be filled with an emotion through brainwashing…even if it’s a “possitive” feeling, it’s still literally the same thing junko did. He is turning into the person he hated the most.

And I think the saddest part about all this, is that he thinks he finally is doing things right and that no one is using him anymore, but in the end, he is still being used…just by different person (Tengan) this time.