Has anybody else noticed that if SB’s playing straight in anything, something gay is never far from reach, whether it be a blatant nod or a funny coincidence or a vague mention or a cheeky hint…(or me reading too much into it because I love the fact that he’s gay more than life…) 

For example: 

NSFW: When Nathan’s talking to the main woman about how he slept with someone the night before and the main woman tentatively guesses the gender of said person. “A…woman?” Nathan: *nods*
+ SB just completely dropping all efforts to seem straight by the last episode. “Look at this banner I made!” short shirt sleeved flamboyance. 

Desperate Romantics: John Millais is trying to bone Effie but is being all shy and shit scared about it and then there’s an ‘incident with some beads’ i.e. JM breaks a pearl necklace and pearls go everywhere, darling. 

Miss Marple: The actress’ personal assistant blatantly flirting with Tiddles.

Mrs Henderson Presents: Will Young singing over Paul’s entire sequence. (LOL)

Inspector Lynley: “I’d literally kill two children for my boarding school buddy because I love him so much and want him to become a barrister more than I want to sneakily smoke pot in the chapel.”

Shakespeare in Italy: Glitter on face whilst chatting up Juliette. 

Strange: Cliff Richard records. 

Penny Dreadful: “I get more pleasure from sucking blood out of Dracula’s wrist than I do awkwardly rutting against a ropey old prossie in an alley way.”

Bright Star: *sensitive tea drinking* *hangs with male poets all the live long day*

John Adams: No wife and kids to be seen. A sweet old Queen looking after his dying parents. 

…and then all his other roles are gay. 

In summary, I love Samuel Barnett and he’s perfect and the fact that everything he touches turns to rainbow is a spectacular thing in my opinion. 

Chciałabym tylko przytulić Cię tak mocno jak tylko bym mogła i żebyś Ty, pocałował mnie tak jak wtedy.
—  Hej jm kocham cię 🖐🏻 (niezapomnian-e)