thedaredevilwearsprada asked:

Thank you so much for that psa about Civil War. I'm so tired of seeing this fandom treating Steve as The Most Perfect Person On Earth and Tony as the antichrist.

I know. But they do kind of have a point. I mean…

Remember when Steve found out Shield was doing bad things behind his back and hurting innocent people so he said “No. we’re not doing this anymore.” ?

Or that time when Steve sacrificed himself to save a lot of people even though he would likely die?

Or that time Steve thought Bucky was dead, or would be dead if he didn’t do anything about it…

so he makes a retrospectively not brilliant decision to try and save him…

but it ends up working out in the end anyway?

So yeah Steve is pretty perf- OH WAIT I’M SORRY DID I USE THE WRONG IMAGES???

let me make this clear since antis are attacking larries now just because we are saying we predicted this coming: nobody says that the babygate ending means larry is real, all we are saying is that it was fake from the beginning and who am i to deny that it served larry pretty well and made people search for them and got people familiar with the thought, sure, i know that happened for the fact. But i have not seen anyone saying that babygate being shit means that larry is real bye