More First-Time College Advice:
  • try not to go back to your dorm in between classes because youll end up fucking around and not getting anything done. go to the library or gym or hang out with friends instead
  • let people get off the bus before you get on please 
  • college is a lot less outwardly judgmental than high school, no one cares if you eat alone or wear a onesie to class but the assholes really come out on anonymous confession apps and fb pages so just avoid those entirely if you don’t want to know what trash your classmates are
  • try to figure out if your resident advisor is a major rule follower, it’ll save you both a lot of headaches. if they are just stay out of their way and find another dorm to get into mischief in. as a rule RAs will leave u alone if ur chill and not breaking anything
  • accept that your freshmen schedules will probably be shit, but dont be afraid to ask for an override into a full class. the worst a professor can say is no
  • you think you can wear those high heels ur first weekend out, but thats VERY unlikely. ur drunk self will thank you for choosing more comfortable shoes
  • its ok to not know what you want to major in, it really really is so cut urself some slack
  • take naps if u can
  • if u drink, drink safe - dont drive, go with trusted friends, and have a cab number at the ready
  • its ok if you dont go out, it really really is. 
  • its ok if you do go out, it really really is. 
  • a minor is a really great way to study something you love but dont want a job in (i took a lot of classics classes) 
  • you totally got this
  • and finally
  • YES its ok to just get up and go to the bathroom without raising your hand

feel free to ask me any questions! I’ve recently graduated and am going into grad school, i was an RA and have lived both on and off campus so im pretty well rounded when it comes to experiences 


So… an opossum got stuck in the concrete drop outside of my office window the other day. It was a Monday, and I wasn’t sure how long it had been down there; it definitely couldn’t climb out. Other than putting its hand to my window when it saw movement, it looked very forlorn and didn’t move much at first.

I called our Facilities folks to help it out, but in the meantime, an apple helped it perk up. Reminded me of a little cat… with opposable thumbs.