Homophobic Preacher drowned out by Love and Tolerance.

A Hateful Pastor came to visit JMU, but the students responded in a beautiful, awesome way!


The James Madison University Marching Royal Dukes perform at Homecoming 2014. 

Songs include:
Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
Everybody Talks- Neon Trees
Take On Me- A-ha
Shout it Out Loud- KISS
Runaway Baby- Bruno Mars

Everybody pray for GMU right now.

The homophobic pastor that came to JMU the other day preaching hate is here now, we are/were (I’m not there this minute so I don’t know) trying to drown him out with praise music. Pray that this man comes to know God’s true love. Pray that those witnessing this see how true Christianity is not what this man is saying, but what we are singing. Pray that we can be a witness and a testament to God’s love.


I love my school so much. 

“When an anti-gay preacher stood outside of a James Madison University library yesterday to spread his hateful thoughts about homosexuality, he was greeted with a song about love and tolerance.” -Kristin Musulin