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OMFG please tell me you're considering drawing our angsty boi max from camp camp I would love hominy your style (if not its totally coolio I mean it is your life)

The amount of people in my inbox asking for Max is higher than the population of Greenland so here goes haha

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OH ALRIGHT YAY I'M HAPPY IT WASN'T WEIRD!!! I COULD MAKE YOU A PLAYLSIT ON YOUTUBE (it would be easiest for me if I'm honest) BECAUSE I JUST LOOK AT YOUR ART ALL THE TIME! it would probably get a little long if I just listed it off on an ask, and I think it would be cool to make it for you considering you make so many things for your followers to enjoy!! Is that alright?

listen………….I would cry hhdfgjkdf last year someone made me a couple of playlists based on my OCs and surprised me with them and I was over the moon for like a month and listening to them nonstop if anybody makes me a playlist I’m SO FLATTERED AND HAPPY <3 <3 plus it’s always fun to get introduced to new music!

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Hi! I'm sorry if you answered this before but I can't find it (if you don't feel like answering it again I'm fine with a link back to the original answering to the question) but after pre orders are over is there any other orders opening up for your shop? I really want to buy some of your items, however there is a 50/50 chance of me not living at my home by the time they arrive and I would be devastated of they get shipped to somewhere I wouldn't be able to pick them up from and they get lost...

hi there! after pre-orders are over i’ll be closing my shop and focusing on preparing and shipping out all pre-orders, after which i will re-open my shop to sell any leftover on-hand items (i will very likely have at least some leftover stock of everything)! thanks for your interest ! :D

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Hey! I still follow you and I've had you on post notifs so I could see when you come back! You're one of my favorite artists and I'm sorry you were driven away from the voltron fandom, I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I hope you'll be staying on Tumblr for a while, and I'd be super excited to see your mha art if you'd share it! Have a good day, and thank you for your art!

Sure thing! Haha Kirishima is my absolute favorite so you’ll prolly see more him. I dont currently have any art with canon characters that I like atm, but i’ll draw some more if you’d like!

Blue Light

Commission for @jmook423

Part 1:

Magic is a mundane thing.

Something so ingrained in everyday life that no one really cares about it anymore beyond using it as a tool in everyday life.

Sure there are still those who have rare and unusual abilities, but in a age where every corner shop has a elemental magic starter kit and ever library a hundred book of spells, magic just isn’t that impressive any more.

Keith remembered when he was a little kid and he would be able to create a small flame in his hand for a couple of seconds.

He remembered how amazed all his classmates were, actually talking to him for the first time since moving there.

Magic for him was a way to connect with people. Something he had always struggled with, even now at the age of twenty he was still amazed by people that could easily carry conversations like it was the most natural thing in the world.

It wasn’t that he was jealous, he had a lot to be grateful for, but he couldn’t help but watched the handsome store owner across the street laugh and chat with his customers as easily as Keith would cast a spell.

His store hadn’t been open that long, Keith had watched from his front desk as moving rans brought in enough floor length mirrors and water basins for him to assume some kind of salon was opening up across the street.

However once the sign went up Keith knew he was mistaken.

‘Lance’s fortunes’ Glared at him in blue light, illuminating the early morning street as he walked towards his own store.

It was a warm welcoming sign, one that acted as a beacon of hope to those that were lost. It just gave Keith a headache every morning.

Today was no different as Keith winced at the soft blue already beaming down. No matter how early Keith came into work the sign always seemed to be on and the store always seemed to be open.

One time he had come in at 4am just to be open first for once. However soon as he turned the corner onto the street and saw the blue he cursed and promptly turned on his heels to go back to bed for another hour.

If Keith actually believe in fortune telling then he might of assumed the owner was just trying to spite him.

But then again like soul magic said to keep the user immortal, magic to show you the future was nothing but an urban legend. Something to doop desperate people into parting with their money.

Keith placed a hand on his door a warmth feeling him as it creaked open and he stepped inside. Even in his line of work he had yet to actually find anyone able to perform the so called impossible spells, the magic that allowed you to defy the laws of nature.

If he had to guess he would say that the owner across the street was using illusion spells to make people think they were seeing a future they always dreamed.

People like him gave real spell workers a bad name.

Keith walked past the book shelves that flinned the walls of the store, acting almost as a pathway to the front desk that sat buried under various papers and half read books.

As a curse breaker Keith needed to do a lot of research, he would often be awake into the wee hours of the morning just trying to figure out the nature of the curse, spending hours deconstructing the magic and examining every thread that was weaved into it like a artist would look over a tapestry.

His brother had always wondered why he chose such a profession, especially when he was considered to be one of the most powerful fire mages in his generation.

He would always shrug and never actually answer, it wasnt that he didn’t have one. It was that the answer was complicated and would take more communication skills to explain then he actually possessed.

Keith looked over his packed desk, letting out a long tired sigh as he flicked his hand in the direction of the mess trusting it to clean itself up while he made himself a cup of coffee so black it might as well of been poison.

His kitchen was small, so small that he was sure that it couldn’t really be called a kitchen since all it really contained was a coffee maker, a single cupboard  and a mini fridge with maybe a jar of mayonnaise that came with the building.

But it was good enough for Keith, it was enchanted to have a fresh pot of coffee waiting for him every morning and the cupboard to always have some snacks in there.

The fridge he was pretty sure was cursed since anything he put in there would poof out of existence.

He had tried examining it, but from what he could tell it was completely normal.

Keith still didn’t trust it and had duct taped it shutr just incase it tried to eat him one day.

Pouring a cup of coffee and returning to the front desk, Keith wasn’t surprised to see the contents of his desk floating around the room returning to their proper locations.

He pulled out his chair and sat down taking a long much needed sip of coffee as he looked over his little store with a feeling of pride.

He had come a long way in only his two years being opened, being mentioned in the top ten of the cities curse breakers. Pulling himself up from nothing to owning his own business that not only paid the rent but also contributed to his dream of one day owning a motorbike.

As far as Keith was concerned, at this moment his life had never been better. Finally able to put the pain of his past behind him and focus on what was yet to come.

The bell hanging above his door rang as someone entered.

Keith expected the usual customer, nervous and unsure as they brought a newly acquired object they were sure was possessed. Or some over dramatic middle aged accountant that caught a cold and was convinced it was some kind of death curse.

“Welcome what can i do-”

Keith clamped his mouth shut soon as his eyes met those beautiful blue ones.

A blue that seemed to promise answers to questions he hadn’t even thought to ask yet. He knew those eyes… he didn’t know how but he knew those eyes like he knew himself.

They caused a deep longing, a pull at his heart he didn’t know what to make of.

“Hey erm… you need to leave like now.” He said his hand covering his nose, blood beginning to drip through his fingers.

“Cause i’m pretty sure your about to die.”

That was all he said before his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed to the ground convulsing.

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Would it be weird/uncomfortable for you if I tell you what music your art reminds me of? Because it reminds me of a few songs by owl city, but if that's weird to hear you can totally let me know this would make you uncomfortable and I'll stop elaborating. You're art is amazing and beautiful regardless though, I hope you have a fantastic day, and im sorry if I made you uncomfortable. If I didn't though I could like. Make a playlist of music I associate with your art. Again, not if it's weird

OMG NO PLEASE TELL ME!!!! I love love love it when ppl tell me what kind of music or aesthetic or anything that my art reminds them of!!! it’s so flattering <3 <3 and I love Owl City so………TELL ME MORE TELL ME MORE

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Everybody says how cute you're art is. Don't get me wrong, your style is absolutely adorable, but it's also art beautiful. The colors, the simple way you make it seem so easy, its absolutely beautiful. Lots of love to you and your beautiful art 💜💜💜 (those are purple hearts, im on mobile and can't tell if its going to show up on your device)

aww gosh thank you so much darling <3 <3 <3

Blue Light

Commission for @jmook423

Part 2:

Keith wasn’t really sure what to do, he is pretty proud of the fact that in most situations he is able to keep a pretty steady head and act practically.

This situation for example he should call an ambulance or even a healer. However for some reason he panicked and just stood there for a good five minutes until the guys movements stilled and he lay limp on the ground.

“Erm… hey are you still alive?” Keith asked nudging him slightly with his foot.

He got a groan in response and let out a sigh of relief. If someone died in his store then it would be really bad for business… plus someone dying would be bad.

Keith wondered if he should call Shiro, after all his brother had always said he could come to him for anything. But then again Keith was pretty sure anything was leaning a bit more towards getting locked out of his apartment or dealing with a killer fridge.

Not whatever this was.

The guy was deathly pale with dark circles under his eyes that Keith was certain weren’t there when he ran in with his weird death warning.

Keith decided to shrug off what he said, if he had to guess he would say this was some poor kid that tried out a hallucination spell and didn’t actually know what was going on around him.

Seer scams were always on the news saying about how a spell went wrong leaving the caster in a strange distorted version of reality.

Keith almost wanted to just go into the back of his shop and pretend he wasn’t there and just get on with his day.

However just as he was about to leave and hope things sorted himself out, the guy suddenly sat up and took a long shuddering gasp.

“Oh man that was a big one.” He winced massaging his eyes with the heel of his hands.

“Hallucinations tend to do that.” Keith if he was being honest nearly pissed himself and it took nearly every bit of will for his magic not to respond by blowing up the building like it had in middle school when the guy he had a crush on asked him him to dance.

The guy looked up at him and Keith felt his heart skip a beat. Those beautiful blue eyes were just so piercing, burning with a kind of cool intensity that if he didn’t know any better Keith would have been certain he was being placed under some kind of spell.

“I wasn’t hallucinating.” He huffed struggling to his feet, he began to topple forwards and likely hit his head and got blood everywhere so Keith caught him.

He caught him to save cleaning up later and not because he was getting seriously worried now. If he didnt know he was under the effects of some kind of spell then the poor guy would need some major medical attention.

“Thanks.” He looked up at him and Keith felt a blush spread across his cheeks as he nodded helping the guy to sit down on the old faded arm chair that sat in the corner next to the possessed floating book her used as a table.

“I need to call an ambulance or something. There’s clearly something wrong.” Keith frowned as he shook his head looking vaguely panicked.

“No look i know i sound crazy but your seriously in danger. I had a vision an-”

Keith let out a snort “wait your the guy from across the street!”

The guy who Keith now realised must be the opposites stores namesake tilted his head to the side wiping the now sticky drying blood from beneath his nose. “Yeah the name’s Lance, i kinda specialise in telling the future so when i day your in danger you gotta listen to me dude.”

“Look just because your customers are dumb enough to believe your crap doesn’t mean i am. No one can see the future.” Keith rolled his eyes and crossed his arms looking just as annoyed as he felt.

“Your seriously going me make me prove it to you?” Lance asked his eyes scanning Keith’s face for any sign of giving in. “Fine fine i can work with this i guess.” he shrugged as he pulled a packet of tarot cards from his jacket pocket prompting another snort from Keith.

“You can’t be serious, what you gonna tell me i’m going to meet a tall dark mysterious stranger? Cause that’s kind of my job so…”

Lance ignored Keith in favour of shuffling the cards. “You can see magic right? Like the little bursts that come from people when they perform spells. Well i can see through windows of time. Past, present and sometimes future i can see it all. Sometimes when i want and sometimes… like you just saw when i don’t.”

Keith was about to comment about how he sounded like he was pitching a sale when the cards began to glow a light blue.

One by on the cards floated away from Lance’s hands and began to form a circle about the size of trash can lid in the air in front of the two.

“Most people cant see different points in time since its locked away for them, i’m the guy with the brick through the window to show you.”

The cards began to spin, in place and around the circle. Their blue aura spread outwards until it appeared like a blue film was spread out between the cards.

Keith stared through the film watching as nothing happened. In fact the only thing out of the ordinary he could see was that the plastic cup that held his pencils and the occasional magic wand was knocked over with its contents spilling out on the surface.

“Nice trick but its not showing the future.” Keith uncrossed his arms knocking over the plastic cup to his side.

His eyes widened as he watched it topple over rolling until it came to a stop exactly lining up with the cup in the window. “But… but thats…”

“Impossible?” Lance asked with a smirk as the cards sparked and finally returned to Lance’s hand where he returned them to the box and then his pocket. “I told you i can see the future and show bits of it to people as well.”

Keith didn’t want to believe him, but it was getting harder and harder to just dismiss his warning.

“ok … ok say i believe you. How am i in danger?”

“Well…” Lance smiled sheepishly “i don’t know exactly, when i have these visions i usually sprout out the profercy while it’s happening and i only get a vague idea of what happened afterwards. I just know that something really bad is going to happen specifically to you i just don’t know where or when.”

“So for all you know it could be a 100 years in the future and i’m not in danger right now?” Keith asked raising an eyebrow.

Lance shrugged “I mean usually they come true in a year or two.”

Keith groaned, this was so stupid. He couldn’t believe for a moment he had actually been worried.

He was about to tell Lance to leave when the back room exploded.