I believe in theater

I believe in music

I believe in comedy

I believe in love

I believe that laughter is the best medicine.

I believe that theater can make a difference in the world.

Guys, if you have ever laughed until you’ve cried, if you’ve ever cried until you laughed, if you’ve ever put on a play in your back yard, if you’ve ever stayed up all night singing silly songs with your friends, and those are the best moments of your life, then you believe in love! Alright?

—  Joe Moses, words to live by.

Britney Coleman, Joe Walker, Joe Moses & Arielle Goldman tell the story of Darren chipping his tooth on a bagel. (3:28) [JMOMS 12/16/2012]

BREREDITH IS REAL ITS BEEN CONFIRMED BY JOE WALKER so last night I went to JMOMS and I had VIP so at the end of the show there was a Q&A and my friend (her url is ) asked the question can you confirm or deny the Breredith situation and Joe Walker was like Brian and Meredith? Yeah they’ve been dating for months but that’s a known fact isn’t it? And then I turned on my camera and so the video is from that point while he describes their relationship

The Joe Moses Showses Tour 2013

Hello my dearest Pandas! What I’m about to do is atypical, both for myself and for performers in general. Typically, an artist will spend a few weeks collaborating with his/her vast production team plotting venues, dates, and prices then say “Taadaa here is my magical tour! Come see me!”

As much as I would love to have everything neatly packaged and ready to present to you as a finished product, the truth is this tour, like most things in my life, is a work in progress and very much a labor of love.  So rather than wait till the last minute to give you everything at once…I will share what info I have SO FAR and let you know official ticket/venue is AS SOON AS I POSSIBLY CAN!

This tour is only possible because of you. Your support and advocacy has brought us this far, and ultimately it will be up to ALL of us to determine if we can bring this show all of the places I want it to go. If you see your city listed…please help spread the word! If your city has a  TBD next to it…please help me out! That means we have plans to come to see you, but are still working out the logistics.

I know this is a bit unusual, but I am a bit of an unusual artist, and YOU are a wonderfully unusual group of fans/friends. So I’m taking a leap of faith and asking for your help: help me make this tour a reality. Spread the word. Send me venue information. Let me know how big of a show we can do in your city. Doing a Joe Moses Showses world tour is a dream for me, and I believe that with your help…this dream can come true. I can promise you this will be the craziest, funniest, most interactive show I have ever done.

Venues will be announced when tickets are ready for sale.

If you see a TBD- Venue, that means we are trying to get there, but need to find the proper venue to host the show.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for:

New York City, NY: July 20th @8PM , July 21st @2pm

Boston, MA: July 27th @2pm & 6PM, July 28th @2pm

Chicago, IL: July 30th & July 31st @ 8PM

Ann Arobr, MI: Weekend of August 3-4

Los Angeles, CA: Weekend of  August 9-11

San Francisco, CA: TBD-Venue

Austin, TX: TBD-Venue

Orlando, FL: TBD- Venue

London, England UK: TBD-Venue

Paris, France: TBD- Venue


If you don’t see your city on this list don’t worry! We might not be able to make it to you yet, but if the these other shows go well…the possibilities are endless! Also, we have very serious plans to livestream at least one awesome night on this tour. Please RT, reblog, and regurgitate to make this dream a reality.

With love and gratitude,

Joe Moses