i really love aliens. it’s, like, people believe that we humans are the only possible creatures out there, and we don’t even know how big out there is, or where it ends, or if it ends, and if it were to end, where. i think aliens are basically the symbol of ignorance, curiosity, and weird. people are both scared and intrigued by the idea of little green dudes, and i there’s something about that whole idea that i absolutely adore.

Dear people,

Your sexual orientation does not effect your opinions on other genders beyond sexual terms. If someone is bisexual, they are not transphobic, they just might not be sexually attracted to said sex. If someone is gay, that does not make them homophobic, they just might not sexually attracted to people of the same sex.
Also, drop gender roles. You like what you like. If you are super close to someone, no matter what sex, and you like them, awesome. I hope you have an awesome relationship.



This one time, I was babysitting and we were rewatching some adventure time and Jake was explaining the tiers to a relationship and when he warned Finn about tier 15, the kid I was babysitting giggled, and said “I know what tier 15 is… Marriage!!” and I started laughing and then she said under her breath “or sex…” and then she got all awkward and left