'Once Upon a Time' First Look: Hook's Wedding Suit - Plus, Colin O'Donoghue on Why Fans will Be 'Very Happy!'

Killian Jones has never looked so dashing!

We know that many Once Upon a Time fans are currently counting down the seconds until Hook and Emma tie the knot in the upcoming musical extravaganza. (FYI, it’s only 1,209,600 seconds away.) So we’ve got something that is going to curb your Captain Swan cravings!

ET has your first look photo of Hook looking oh-so dashing in his wedding tux, plus exclusive details from set about how this velvet suit was selected, and why fans are going to be “very happy” with Emma and Killian’s journey down the aisle.

“I think I can probably credit [Once Upon a Time showrunner] Eddy [Kitsis] for this look,” star Colin O'Donoghue dished of his suit to ET during a joint interview with Jennifer Morrison on Once’s Vancouver set last month. “We were going to go in a different direction and Eddy was like, ‘It has to be black velvet!’ So that’s it – it’s black velvet.”

“It’s really soft though,” the 36-year-old actor added with a laugh.

Kitsis further explained to ET that he and co-executive producer Adam Horowitz had a very specific vision in mind when it came to Hook’s look.

“Adam and I both thought that Hook needed to have a tux that reflects his personality, so you can’t go from leather to just a basic tux,” he revealed. “We felt like he had to have a little edge to it so the velvet felt like the Hook-version of fancy.”

When asked if he feels “suave” in his wedding attire, O'Donoghue was bashful with his response. “I guess so,” he chuckled. “I hope it looks OK.”

“You look amazing!” co-star Jennifer Morrison chimed in while looking dazzling herself in her intricately laced wedding gown. “He’s been getting a little jealous about all of the attention the dress has been getting, so I’m trying to butter him up a little bit about his velvet jacket.”

While Morrison hopes that “brains explode” when Captain Swan fans finally witness Emma and Killian’s vows to one another, O'Donoghue was a bit more sentimental with his predictions.

“I think that they’ll be very happy,” he said. “Because even to get to this point in this season, they’ve had such ups and downs. So to get to this place, within the realm of what’s about to happen to them and all that kind of stuff, is pretty impressive.”

O'Donoghue continued, “They’ve just decided that, 'You know what? We love each other, we want to be together and now is the time to do it.’”

Once again, Oncers, this article only contains a teeny, tiny bit of all the interviews that ET gathered while on set of Once Upon a Time’s musical wedding extravaganza! So make sure you keep it locked to ETonline and follow @LeanneAguilera on Twitter for even more magical scoop in the weeks to come!


anonymous asked:

JMo posted 'Day 87: the final Charming-Jones meal of season 6'. I think it was the pancake scene. And some make-up artist posted some pictures with Ginny too. So they filmed this scene few weeks ago? Was it in the script or rewrite it?

I actually do not care!

I’m just glad we got it, 😂 !

ofdragon0wls replied to your post “Emma’s Wedding Dress & Feminism”

Though some Roleplayers have been playing emma swan / living her as well more than JMO does and have a right to say something too , jmo just plays off a script , Roleplayers have to live the character daily in storylines outside a script so to say everyone is invalid to say something about Miss swan because they’re not the lottery winner , is not entirely correct , some Roleplayers have just a valid a say on Emma’s dress as does jmo

Nope. Not gonna fly. Roleplayers don’t have the acccess or insight into Emma that Jen does. Period. Jen gets to regularly discuss with Adam & Eddy–the CREATORS of Emma–what Emma’s motivations, tastes, behaviors, impulses, feelings, are. Roleplayers don’t have that opportunity. And as much as certain fans want to discount A&E, they are the ULTIMATE authority. They created Emma. They are the game master or whatever higher power you believe in. No one knows Emma like they do. End of story. 

Roleplayers ARE NOT on the same level as Jen and/or A&E. To consider themselves such is hugely arrogant. 

And that’s all I’ll say on the subject. The issue isn’t open to debate. 

the white princess: season 1, episode 2, Elizabeth of York

character commentary:   IMO, Eizabeth has softened a little towards her husband.   oh, she still wants him off the throne – but she doesn’t want him to die.   HA!!   as if King Henry or Margaret Beaufort would ever stop fighting for the throne – never.

now back to Elizabeth of York, she’s becoming her own person and she’s placing the welfare of the ppl ahead of personal ambition.   in short, she’s starting to behave like a Queen.   JMO.

anonymous asked:

I understand and respect JMo's interpretation of the wedding dress, but there is a big difference between being inspired by the Grace Kelly dress and directly copying it. People commented that Kate Middleton's wedding dress was inspired by Grace Kelly's but it had its own character. I'm mostly uncomfortable by the fact Emma looks like she's trying to be Grace Kelly. It just doesn't come off as original to me. Cue the Mika "Grace Kelly" song.

i mean you’re entitled to that opinion and i see what you’re saying…at this point, i’m just trying to focus on the drama being behind us and the fact that my otp is getting married. at the end of the day, a lot of thought was put into the dress and i respect the intention. 

anonymous asked:

The thing is, this isn't Emma making her choice of wedding dress. Emma is a character. The dress was chosen for a her. I don't think it's wrong of us, or makes us bad fans, to disagree with Jmo and the creators about their choice of dress for Emma, as long as we don't send them hate about it.

Obviously Emma is a character and the dress is chosen by outside sources. As you mentioned, Jen, a woman, was integral in designing Emma’s wedding dress. This gown is partly her conception. A woman who has lived and breathed Emma for six years.

The conceit of any show is that the characters are (generally) selecting their own clothes & that often the clothing reflects their character, personality or mood. As an audience, we’re meant to think that Emma picked out her dress. To say otherwise is disingenuous. And that by selecting that specific dress, it says something greater about where Emma is as a character. 

If you read my post carefully, you’ll notice that my argument is with people who specifically say that Emma’s dress is “anti-feminist,” or comments that make such an implication. I don’t take issue with ANY OTHER REASONING OR CRITICISM. You can say it’s “too old-fashioned,” “too lacy” “too conservative” “not conservative enough” or even “ugly af.” I DON’T GIVE A SHIT.  My post was simply aimed at people who SPECIFICALLY called the dress anti-feminist. That’s it. All other commentary is personal aesthetic opinion to which fans are obviously entitled.  

the white princess: season 1, episode 2, Elizabeth Woodville

character commentary:   much like Margaret Beaufort, Elizabeth Woodville oversteps her bounds.   for example, she was wrong to send an assassin to kill Henry in the name of Elizabeth of York.   if you’re gonna send an assassin, do it with your own name.   don’t drag Elizabeth of York into a royal plot without her knowledge or consent.   JMO.

It is becoming crystal clear that anyone whose job it is to work on or cover shows with a large and vocal fandom are getting fed up with the way “fans” act on social media… and apparently in person, too. The Once Upon a Time fandom is practically ground zero for this appalling behavior.

These fans act like they are owed something, they hurl insults and approach everything from an extremely biased point of view. I fear that the only way for anyone to deal with it is to either longer engage with fans on social media or just delete their accounts. It wouldn’t surprise me if at cons they follow the style of the Supernatural cons where questions are submitted and pre chosen and fans get even less access for their money.

We were given these amazing platforms to communicate directly with the cast and crew and media outlets and so many people were just downright awful about it. Manners are apparently optional when it comes to online communication. 

I don’t understand how you can idolize someone .. listen to them say that they want the ship wars to stop and to just be nice to each other … and then just continue with business as usual - attacking anyone who dares enjoy something that you have deemed unacceptable.

Just a reminder:



You love one or both of them? Prove it. By listening to them.