Jennifer Morrison Full Interview ’ Live with Kelly and Michael’ 7-2-15

25 Reasons Why You Don’t Make Any Money At Comic Cons

First of all this list is in no way comprehensive. (I could probably list 50 things). Second, this is just my opinion. I know a LOT of artists and I keep seeing the same things happening at cons year after year. I feel people need to start operating differently, otherwise cons really are going to be a waste of money and time. So this is what I think most artists are doing wrong when they try to sell their stuff at cons…

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Celeb: Actress Jennifer Morrison, who plays fierce mama/savior Emma Swan on ABC’s fairy tale soap “Once Upon a Time.”

Cause: Girl power. For three years, Morrison has been an advisory council member with ANNpower, a partnership between Ann Inc. (Ann Taylor’s parent company) and the Washington-based Vital Voices that works to imbue teenage girls with leadership skills.

Scene: Morrison looked every bit the accessible superhero she plays on TV as she strutted into a small Dupont Circle ballroom in a stark white pantsuit and blue button-down. “Hey, guys,” she said as the room previously filled with the electric chatter of more than 50 teenagers immediately switched to silent mode. You could hear a camera phone click — that is if any of the young women bothered with their devices once Morrison had arrived.

All eyes were on the actress-director as she flipped through a speech about identity, insecurity and self-worth. The woman best known for her role as a storybook princess wanted to shatter the Cinderella complex. “You can’t be brave unless you are afraid,” Morrison said. “Don’t wish for your fairy tale, fight for your fairy tale.” Some of the girls were taking notes. On paper.

Morrison was at her best — loose, unscripted and honest — during the rapid-fire Q&A session, answering questions such as how to deal with competition (“There’s room for everyone”), pressure (“Do it how you want to do it”) and breaking up with toxic friends (“What you are around is what you will become”).

The high-schoolers in the room weren’t holding back. Later, after the applause and selfies had died down, Morrison told us that she came prepared. She threw out nearly 100 handwritten pages of her speech and made friends listen to the final version and then “aggressively” ask her follow-up questions.

“This is not your regular group of girls,” Morrison said later.

Sound bite: “Why is that our default is to pick apart other women? If I could ask you guys to do one thing when you leave this room is to catch yourself when you’re about to say something negative about another woman. Stop being a******s to each other.” [x]

love how we’re all excited to see Emma freaking Swan becoming The Dark One in season 5 because she’s both

super badass



and would be an amazingly sassy villain

but also she’s an absolute dork

also very clumsy and all

and could become the most hilarious dark sorceress ever because having absolutely no clue how her powers work


** PLEASE DO NOT REPOST WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.  Seriously, this means so much to me on such a personal level.  Please don’t be disrespectful or I will be more hesitant to post more of my things from the con.

Now, when deciding what to have Jen sign at FT3, I really had wanted the Swan Queen Sweater Selfie to be signed by both of them, but the night before I left I had it printed and it looked so bad/blurry, so I had to give up on that.  Still, I kind of wanted a moment with her and something to look back on, like maybe a little #SwanQueen like Lana wrote for me.  Having never even seen anyone mention it in front of her before, I was super nervous about how she would react in person, because I knew even a flash of negativity in her eyes would destroy my soul.  But, being my stupidly brave self, I took the risk.

“This is probably a weird request,” I began, “but is there any way you could write something about Swan Queen?”  And I explained what had happened with the picture.  I figured she would either say she can’t do messages or just write a #SwanQueen.

Now, when I got to her table, she was pretty tired of signing things, as the con was almost finished.  She even flat out said so XD  But when she saw this DVD case, she positively lit up (and took a picture of it like the adorable peach she is)!  After talking to me more about the movie (we had spoken of it earlier), she decided how she wanted to sign it.  This resulted in a giddy, lovely Jennifer putting an arrow to her character with the words, “She would love Swan Queen.”  AND THEN, she proceeded to draw an arrow with little hearts between her character and the woman her character in this movie is in love with.  

Jennifer Morrison did not have to do any of this.  She could have just signed her name and sent me off or given me some generic phrase like she probably did with a lot of people this weekend.  But damn it, this adorable ball of light took the time to talk to me and give me something so special to remember the weekend by.

NEVER again tell me she does not love her fans or her ships.  I walked out of that room shaking so hard I was dropping things, and that gesture will always mean so very much more to me than I ever imagined possible.