jmma group


There, I just said it. I;m scared you’ll forget about me.
I love every part of this song. Like a lot. There was never a day I didn’t hear it playing in my player. :)


Since it’s already October 16 here in the Philippines, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN CLAYTON MAYER! :))) Thanks for being part of our lives. You are remembered and you will always be. More birthdays to come! We love you! Get well soon. We can’t wait to see you with your awesome guitars on stage. :) God bless! :)))

Hey JM fam! Hope you’re doing even more great after our Johnny has posted on tumblr regarding the album. How was it, by the way? I wanna pre-order, too. :) I’m missing you, guys. :D Can’t stay as much as I want here and say hi on your dashboards. I’m currently taking roadtrips and tours outside the walls of my room, preparing myself for graduation and taking the opportunity of the summer season. See you all soon here! Hope you will always get me posted through your updates. God bless everyone! :)


i dunno if i have observed things right but i guess all the Mayerrifics (term i used to jm fanatics), have the same type of genre and artist at the same time. Well, basing from the posts i’ve been posting, reposting and liking, seem like we have other common denominator other than the man whom we love himself- the beatles, maroon 5, adele, johnny depp, harry potter etc.

I think you’re getting my point here, e? And just that, sometimes, i wonder if ever i will be having the chance to sit with anyone of all the avid fans like me, perhaps we’ll never be out of words to say. It’d be a reserved conversation, I must say. Hahaha.

And i’m liking the thought i have here. :)


my lullaby for today. :)


That husky voice, creative songwriting and incomparable guitar skills make me run in circles all over again. :“”“>