120516 - happy 20th birthday IU (아이유)!! words can’t describe how grateful i am to have learned about you a year and a half ago! you got me into kpop, but have given me so much more in return c: all i want to do is wish you a wonderful birthday and hope that you enjoy it to the fullest!! you’re amazing, talented, gorgeous, and my irreplaceable bias ^^ i love you! happy birthday!


080918 -120918 wow i can’t believe its your anniversary already! you’ve come so far and worked so hard in these last four years. i’m so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished! you’re the kindest, most talented and caring person i know, and you deserve all the fame and success that you've received. your fans will always stick by you, don’t forget that! so, lets stay together for another 4 years ok? c: congrats on your anniversary IU, i love you!