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what are your drunk Danneel, Misha and Jensen headcannons !

A lot of these come from conversations I’ve been having with @withthedemonblood so I’m giving her partial credit/co-author credits on this one.

Nesnej: the drunk girl in the bathroom at the club who tells you that you’re beautiful and tries to pet your hair

  • Never knows what’s going on
  • Is WAY into his wife, tells that he loves her at every opportunity
  • Repeats himself 400 times throughout the night
  • Laughs really loudly
  • Very friendly and affectionate, often crosses boundaries without meaning to
  • ^ On that note, definitely makes out with strangers on the dance floor
  • MESSY. Throws up heavily in a bathroom stall but it doesn’t dampen his night at all, he rebounds real fast
  • Tries to take lots of group photos but is a terrible photographer (800 blurry crowd shots)
  • Constantly tries to FaceTime Misha
  • Impatient as fuck, very short attention span
  • Drapes himself over the DJ booth to make really dumb and half-coherent song requests
  • Subby
  • Hungry
  • Gets WAY hungover in the morning, swears to never drink again (and always does anyway)

Leennad: the reckless righteous hot girl that’s doing upside down flaming shots at the bar instead of hanging out with the people she came here with

  • Doesn’t give a shit about anything ever
  • Makes questionable and potentially dangerous decisions
  • Screams a lot
  • Laughs at Nesnej when he falls down instead of offering to help him up
  • LOVES tequila
  • Starts fights in the bathroom with girls that aren’t being nice to other girls 
  • She doesn’t even know them she’s just always ready to throw down
  • Convinces Nesnej to do increasingly stupid things #ForTheLolz over the course of the night and then documents them for later
  • Looks absolutely perfect no matter what phase of the night she’s in
  • Touchy, a lil bit gay, has probably made out with a girl on the dance floor before
  • Sings along to every fucking song, particularly hard rap, complete with hand gestures
  • Is sometimes rude but nobody cares
  • Is never hungover somehow

Ahsim: just a complete disaster.

  • Slurs and stutters SO much, punctuated by random giggling
  • Gets naked 800% faster than anybody else, very horny
  • “Let’s wrestle”
  • Likes to dance, but is a Very Bad Dancer
  • Also screams a lot
  • Sweats like you would not believe
  • bel·lig·er·ent, impatient and bitchy
  • Like drunk!Danneel, he also will not hesitate to roast a bitch
  • Will give you his coat if you’re cold, no questions asked
  • Periodically asks you if you’re having a good time, to the point where it actually gets annoying
  • Will take you home immediately if you’re not having a good time
  • Drunk tweets
  • Wanders off, gets lost, nobody knows where he is
  • Doesn’t know any of the words to any of the songs in the club but vibes to them anyway
  • CANNOT hold his liquor, likes fruit cocktails
  • Seriously someone switch him to water
  • A crier. Emotional.

And, bonus!

Deraj: the girl who starts a fight with you on the dance floor because she thinks you were looking at her boyfriend

  • Yells at the waitress collecting empty bottles off the floor for interrupting her dancing during ~her song~
  • Stands outside the bathroom stall while Nesnej is throwing up to keep people from bothering him and to keep an eye on him
  • Does not mind taking care of people even if it means he doesn’t get to party as much
  • Physically puts himself between girls trying to have a good time and the creepy guys trying to dance on them
  • Instantly best friends with all the bouncers
  • Has actual conversations with people at the bar about music and politics
  • Constantly reassuring people that they look “great” while keeping his bitchy comments to himself
  • Does not want to leave when the bars close, makes a big fuss about being kicked out
  • Zero tolerance for whining, would rather you just go home
  • “Just take your shoes OFF if your feet hurt so bad!”
  • Cockles Haters: God, I hate Cockles.
  • Cockles Shippers: Ugh, me too. So gross!
  • Cockles Haters: No ... like I REALLY hate that ship.
  • Cockles Shippers: Yeah, I know. I do too! All the soft touches and heart eyes, they just need to stop already!
  • Cockles Shippers: Seriously! Those poor women-- always having to deal with their husbands' grotesque flirting. Well, at least they have each other to flirt with, right?
  • Cockles Haters: ????
  • Cockles Shippers: 😊😊😊
  • Cockles Haters: I hate JMDV too.
  • Cockles Shippers: Oh I know! ThEy'Re sO gROsS!
Bear Hug

Jensen was one of those really affectionate, really cute drunks that are really hard to stay mad at because they’re too damn cute.

Or, Misha takes care of Jensen during JIBCon. (1.3k)


Jensen was one of those really affectionate, really cute drunks that are really hard to stay mad at because they’re too damn cute.

Misha had known this before today of course, but Jensen had never been so… public with his affection for Misha before, and it had kind of thrown Misha a curveball at their panel earlier today. Usually it was Jensen who tried (and failed) to reign in their intimacy, but with Jensen far past tipsy and threatening to expose their relationship to the whole world, Misha was left to try to keep him in check and do damage control when needed. A quick social media check, though, showed that the fans had not missed any of what happened, and Misha sighed.

“You really did it this time,” he said aloud, a smile playing at the corner of his lips despite himself. “Have fun explaining this one.”

Jensen, of course, didn’t respond – he was sleeping soundly on top of Misha, body splayed over Misha’s and head resting on Misha’s chest, in just the right place so that whenever he shifted in his sleep, his hair tickled Misha’s chin. He was downright adorable, and Misha shook his head in wonder as he ran his fingers through the short brown hair.

Suddenly, Misha’s phone buzzed, and he hurried to silence it when Jensen stirred slightly. After a few moments, Jensen sighed in his sleep and nuzzled further into Misha’s chest, and Misha carefully picked up his phone to see who had texted him.

How’s the lightweight?

Misha grinned. Danneel.

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Home Base

It’s a proven fact that when I write Cockles fic I write it for Madd’s birthday.
So have some chubby!Jensen and JMDV family chillen, @deancasheadcanons

Misha isn’t sure how Jensen does it, but here he is, dead asleep in a lawn chair, surrounded by screaming children.

Maison and West are a little older now, but no less rambunctious. They’re curious and confident and full of ideas for adventure, only fostered by their own adventure-seeking parents. Their hyperactivity was only amplified when JJ was around, both of them wanting to be more interesting so JJ would pay attention to them. JJ, for her part, seems to like to play with them both equally, but they wouldn’t be Misha’s kids if they weren’t at least a little competitive.

“Should we take him to a doctor or something?” Misha asks Danneel as they both watch the kids circle Jensen, darting towards him and away again. It seemed to be an involved game of ‘poke the bear’, with Jensen cast as the bear. “It’s not healthy for him to sleep through this, is it?”

Danneel shrugs, taking a sip of her beer. “I think he’s just getting old, babe.” He snorts, rubbing at his own hair, graying despite the last dyeing he’d had to endure to keep Castiel looking timeless.

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Misha had already disappeared beneath the blankets and had his lips pressed inches from his real destination when Jensen blurted it out.

“Danneel’s pregnant!”

He said it as though it broke through his teeth without permission. Misha paused for a brief moment, just long enough to finish the thigh kiss he was in the middle of, before shifting to move up the mattress.

“Knew you had something on your mind when you weren’t responding to my magic touch. That’s never happened,” the older man says on his way out from under the covers. The words are muffled and labored. His terrible bedhead emerged from under the sheets first, then his wide blue eyes and at last his giant, bright-white grin.

“Guess. Boy or girl?” he asked immediately, draping his naked body over Jensen’s and perching his elbows on his bare chest, gazing up at him. Excitement glinted in Misha’s eyes, a rare display of his true emotion.

Jensen hesitated. “They’re both,” he finally breathed, avoiding Misha’s stupid, thrilled expression.

“Twins? Holy fuck, Jen…” Misha didn’t even try to hide his genuine amazement now. “I mean, it’s you. I’m not surprised that you managed to go above and beyond even in conceiving a child. But…” It was quiet. Too quiet for a minute. Jensen could barely stand it. Then finally the other actor broke it. “I’m a little hurt that she’s this far along and you hadn’t… told me yet.”

Misha’s being honest. Very raw – more than he’s used to being. It’s a new thing they were supposed to be trying out since they and their wives had discussed the whole polyamorous deal between them last year. Jensen had (obviously) not done the truthfulness part so well in this instance, but the two-way relationship had been working out seamlessly.

And that’s why Jensen had been afraid to let Misha in on this huge secret. It could change things. He never wanted to keep anything from him. Shit, he wanted to tell Misha every little thing just because he was always ten times more interested than Jensen was and most of the time it didn’t even effect him.

Jensen just loved him so fucking much. He always had — from the moment they met to the moment they started getting together to the moment they decided to tell their wives about them and right up until now. Jensen Ackles loved Misha Collins more than he could ever explain.

That’s why the excitement on Misha’s face stung. He was scared to hurt him. “It was an accident, Mish,” he admitted lowly. “We weren’t planning on more kids. I barely see JJ enough as it is. When Danneel told me, I was worried but not sick over it. I love kids. But when she told me it was twins? Misha… I’m not a good enough dad for this. I’m thirty-eight. My job – I just. And you – I know this must be hard for you. And I’ll –”

Jensen was effectively silenced with a kiss. When he could breathe and focus again he could see Misha was sitting up in the dark. The lamp on the nightstand suddenly illuminated the room, the base of it in the shape of a deck of cards. Supernatural: A Salute to Las Vegas was always where he and Misha stayed for a couple of days together. There and JIBCon, those were their special places. Now Jensen was afraid he’d just ruined one.

“Don’t you ever say that again, Ackles,” Misha chastised and shoved his shoulder, his facial features truly angry now. “You are such a great father, Jensen. You love her with more than your whole heart, and you will do the same for the twins. Time… scheduling… you can make it work. And I’m so happy for you.”

The silence came back. Jensen stared at Misha as if he didn’t believe him. That was always the younger actor’s downfall: he didn’t have enough confidence in himself. But Misha always made a point to remind him that he should have all the confidence in the world.

“We made this agreement because we love each other. We loved each other so long and so much — enough that our wives, who we also love, could see that and wouldn’t ever want us to be apart. You think that adding more to this giant family is a bad thing?” Misha grinned and nudged his boyfriend, scooting down to his level to lean his head on his shoulder. “…well, then you’re wrong, buddy. It’s just more to love. And I can’t wait to be a Sort-Of-Step-Dad to two more Ackles kids. A brand new adventure on my part. You know how I love new adventures.”

For a minute, Jensen was convinced Misha was just talking out of his ass like always, but when he gave it some time to sink in then his heart swelled full. And… so did other things. Goddamnit, Misha and his way with words.

“You managed to get me to… ahem, ‘respond’,” he murmured, raising a brow down at his boyfriend.

Misha said nothing, only grinned and acted immediately, disappearing back the way he came from beneath the sheets. Right back to their constant, their normal, the easy love between them. Every kiss just felt right and — aaaah, what the fuck?! “Misha! Teeth!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” the older man laughed, popping his head back out of the sheets. “I was laughing because… because… twin.. Ackles.. Twin Ackles. I’m calling them Twinkles!”

Jensen didn’t even hesitate to pick up the pillow next to him and use it to pummel his dumb, perfect boyfriend right in the side of the head.

They both had to get ready for double more kiddie pillow fights, after all.

How I imagined it before I saw it (yeah I was way off but my version is more fun).

“Hey, you!”

“Hey,  sweetie! Are you busy?”

Misha laughs,  side eyeing the camera currently on him,  knowing that some 70 thousand people are witnessing this conversation. “Uh– just doing some GISHWHES stuff.  What’s up?”

“Ha! I know,  I’m watching you right now” Danneel giggles slyly. 

That makes Misha turn away a second and press the phone closer to his ear. He was panting from running all over this field, but now he’s starting to pant for a whole new reason. “Oh?”

“No! Turn back around! You look so good … although the back of you isn’t bad at all.”

The woman’s voice is a lecherous purr, and it instantly makes Misha spin back– which might not have been the best idea considering his cock is already starting to twitch.  He clears his throat “So … what’s up?”

Danneel giggles again, “Aww, are you blushing? It’s hard to tell.”

“Uh …” Misha fidgets a little,  suddenly feeling very exposed. 

But thankfully,  Danneel has a sixth sense for Misha’s limitations, unlike her husband. “Okay, okay … I just wanted to ask if you and the mrs. wanted to come up with Jensen and me to scope out a few places that might sell the Family Business brews. We were going to make a day of it. Lunch … dinner … a cozy hotel room when we’re all done.” Danneel’s voice sings softly across the line, caressing his ear with warmth, comfort and familiarity. "How does that sound?“

"I wanna do that!” he squeaks,  a bit too enthusiastically. 


“Count me in.”

“Great! We’ll be getting in tomorrow around noon. So Jensen and I will pick you guys up by one.”

Misha’s smile nearly cracks his face in two. “Okay, that sounds like fun” he says after another beat, still trying to be mindful of the camera. 

“I’m glad, baby – because, you’re looking so good and tan. I can’t wait to get my hands on you …”

Misha swallows hard. Evil, gorgeous woman! He’s quickly praying that his acting will be convincing.  "Alright.  See you soon.“

"The things I’m going to have Jensen do to you …”

Misha nearly whines. “Okay … bye.

“Vicki and I have already been tossing around some fun new ideas. You boys are going to be begging us to let you–”

Misha stares at the camera hard,  forcing a smile as he nods and hangs up. “That was Danneel, Jensen’s wife” he announces, knowing that she’ll make him pay for that later – but he hopes that the woman is still watching the livestream, so that she can see it in his face – he’s truly looking forward to whatever punishment her beautiful mind can conceive.


{based on this}

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"Hey, have you seen the..? Oh." For cockles!!!

“Hey, J, have you seen the -” Misha stops in his tracks and blinks at the sight in front of him, “Oh.” 

Jensen’s asleep on the couch with West, Maison and JJ asleep on top of him.

Ridiculously enough, his first thought is “how are they all fitting on there without falling off, Jensen isn’t even that broad???” 

His second thought is stunned silence with his heart skipping a solid three beats.

Sometimes, like right now, Misha is struck dumb with the realization of how fucking much he loves this idiot and how lucky he is. This is apparently one of those moments because his heart feels like it’s going to explode out of his chest and he doesn’t even need a mirror to know that he’s smiling like a moron.

Danneel slides up next to him with a knowing smile on her face, “They’re pretty cute, huh?” 

Misha grins, ducking his head for a moment, “Yeah.” 

“They passed out about thirty minutes ago,” she informs him, bumping their hips together. “You okay? You look a little shellshocked.” 

“Yeah,” he huffs a laugh and turns to smile at her, this beautiful, smart, witty, incredible woman that he gets to share his life with too, “I’m okay. I’m -” Misha rubs a hand over his mouth, trying to cover the ridiculous, eye-crinkling grin he’s wearing, “I’m pretty fucking great, actually.” 

Danneel smiles softly and leans over, pressing a kiss to his cheek, “That’s true.”

She pulls back after a moment, nudging her head towards the kitchen, “Vicki and me made cookies. You want to come help us ice them for when the kids wake up?” 

“Sure,” Misha smiles and looks over at the sofa again, “Just… let me take a picture of this.”

Danneel laughs as brightly as she can without waking anyone up, “You can add them to the 300 we took earlier.” 

Misha just grins and creeps over quietly, taking as many pictures as he can - he’s sappy, okay? Sue him. This is easily one of the cutest things he’s ever seen.

He presses a kiss to each of their foreheads when he’s satisfied and Jensen blinks his eyes open sleepily, “Mish…?”

Misha smiles softly and brushes a hand through his hair, “Hey… go back to sleep.” Jensen makes a sleepy noise and lets his eyes close again, a total sucker for Misha’s hands in his hair. It doesn’t take that long for him to fall back to sleep.

Vicki wraps her arms around Misha from behind as he pulls out his phone and composes a tweet. She chuckles against his shoulder, pressing a gentle kiss there, “He’s going to kill you, you know that, right?” 

He just shrugs a little bit, still smiling dumbly at his phone, “Worth it.” 

The tweet is a picture of the four of them passed out with the light from the window behind them. Misha just adds, “Happy Sunday #feelinglucky” 

At the very least, Jensen will appreciate the hashtag. 

              The first time Jensen went over to Misha’s house in LA was mid-summer—after a long, exhausting fourth season had finally wrapped. Jensen had to admit, he was a little weary about going over to his co-star’s place. They hadn’t known each other for very long, even though it felt like they had. It was one of those friendships that seemed old and comfortable right from the start, and Jensen loved that—but it was also a friendship that never strayed too far from set. Misha wasn’t usually in LA the same times that he was, and any free time they had during filming was almost always spent with their respective families. Plus, the guy was always flying off—doing some crazy thing in god-knows-where; which made pinning him down very difficult; and Jensen was never certain of where Misha would answer from when he called him … but chances were, it wasn’t nearby, and they couldn’t just go out and grab a bite, even if they both wanted to. Which is why it took nearly a year for Jensen to finally see Misha’s house—and also why Jensen was so nervous about it.

              What if this was one of those friendships that only really worked in the right place? Like those people who acted all friendly at school, but as soon as they were out in the real world, everything got weird. Jensen didn’t want it to be like that with him and Misha—it would actually hurt if that’s how it turned out to be … and each step he took up Misha’s walkway made Jensen’s heart pound all the more. He finally composed himself, putting on his best smile even before knocking on the door—a little acting trick he learned over the years: start playing the part long before the cameras begin rolling. He barely got another knock in before the door flew open. Vicki was on the other side, nose plastered in a spiral-bound notebook, not even looking up as she waved Jensen in.

              “Oh … h-hey, Vicki” he began, a little put off by the fact that eye contact hadn’t even been made yet. “How have you been?”

              “Good, great—sorry … working” she mumbled, blindly shutting the door behind them before pulling a pen from her frizzy pinned back hair and scribbling something else amongst the scrawl already in the notebook.

              “Oh, sorry to interrupt … is—is Misha around?” Jensen watched as the woman continued to write, still not making any attempt to lift her head. She always struck him as a little strange—not in a bad way, just in that unique way … much like Misha did at first. So this wasn’t too unexpected, really. God, he thought, those two were made for each other.

              “It’s fine” she finally said, sticking the pen back in her hair and re-reading over what she just wrote. “He’s out back, doing …” for the first time in almost two minutes, Vicki looked up. “I honestly have no clue what he said he was doing—hopefully nothing stupid.”

              Jensen smiled, quickly feeling a laugh jiggle up his throat. “It probably is.”

              Vicki’s returned smile was warm and loving. “Probably. Feel free to go out there and make fun of him for it.”

              “How about I make fun of him enough for both of us?” Jensen asked, giving the tall woman a saucy wink.

              She grinned, quickly reaching down and swatting Jensen’s hip with her notebook. “I knew I liked you” she chirped, sauntering away with a laugh, grin slowly falling as she falls back into her work.

              Jensen chuckled a little more before turning towards what he assumed was the back of the house—realizing a little late that he maybe should have asked Vicki for directions to where “out back” was. He knew Misha built this place himself, which—looking at it now, was all the more impressive. It was not some box with holes cut in it—it was actually a house. It had halls and unique little nooks, and intriguing details that were probably maddening at the time. Jensen wouldn’t be surprised if his friend put in a trap door or two, just because he could. It was pretty damn amazing overall … which made finding the backyard even harder. Jensen took a couple wrong turns before he finally got there, finding the guest bathroom and some storage closest along the way. Finally, he stumbled upon a side bar that had a sliding door on the far end that obviously led outside. Through the glass, Jensen caught a glimpse of an arm that he can only assume was Misha’s, or else—they have another house guest Jensen wasn’t aware of. His nerves suddenly spiked—he would feel even more uneasy if there was someone else here. He didn’t want to have to play nice with someone new while he was still trying to get to know the non-work side of Misha. With another deep breath, he moved towards the door—letting it out soft and heavy once he saw that it was in fact Misha on the other side … but the escaping air caught quickly with the sight of his friend’s bare back.

               Tanned skin hugged muscle and bone—shifting and rippling like sand in a thinning tide. The back and forth of Misha’s arms as he chiseled down a piece of wood made every inch of his arm harden in a slew of sinew and rock. Sweat pilled on the curve of his shoulders and Jensen just stared hopelessly as one little drop ran down Misha’s side, finally hitting the line of his baggy cargo pants—they sag so far that Jensen could easily see the beginning mound of Misha’s ass—as well as the fact that the guy has no tan line there. What the fuck does that mean? He must have been thinking about it for a while because he only came to when he heard a loud tap on the glass right in front of his face.

               Blue and dimples greeted him through the sheen and Jensen found himself grinning even as all the questions still ran through his mind. Misha eventually took a few steps back and gestured for him to come outside. Jensen damn near walked into the door following the motion—thankfully realizing what he was about to do before any real embarrassment could occur.

               Misha’s smile beamed even brighter when Jensen finally joined him outside. “Hey there, stranger!” With open arms and no warning at all, Jensen found himself wrapped in a sweaty, tanned, muscly hug … and it was blissful.

              “Hey … uh, how ya been?”

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I desperately need a fic with drunk Mish and Dee are drunk and Jensen meets them a bit later cause his flight was delayed or something and has to like take care of them... or all 3 could be drunk and jared and gen take care of them.!!!!! I have so much feels !!!!

hey @withthedemonblood……….. i told you…………. this is what the people want

bug ariel about it i’ve got too many other fic projects going on right now! (and I almost never write rpf so I’m not as #experienced)

So there’s no real story behind this op except Gen was at jib and I got her autograph and MAN, I WISH DANNEEL AND VICKI COULD JOIN HER??? I walked up to them and just held up the sign, “Do you think you guys can just hold up the corners of this?” And they read it and Jensen immediately (and enthusiastically) said, “Absolutely!” Misha grinned a little and probably said something but I was still half asleep and distracted by Jensen. (Sorry Misha but I was distracted by you at chicon so it’s fair)

Also, they tried to pull me into the middle and I stepped to the side and said (for some ungodly reason), “No I’ll stand here. For internet purposes.” I caught Misha giving me A Look.

(You’re welcome, internet!)

Do you guys think that Jensen and/or Misha look up on YouTube their jibcon panel videos to show Danneel and Vicki.

Like I see them looking up their duet and showing it to Danneel and Vicki and they are just cracking up omg. My feels.